Interesting Ingredients + EOWTTA

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I like cooking with seasonal produce and I love trying new things. Here are some recipes using ingredients that may not always be common but I hope you find them informative anyway. I've also included the EOWTTA series here.


Persimmon - a cupcake recipe
Quince-a tart recipe
Custard Apple - a panna cotta recipe

Other ingredients

Agar Agar - with kiwifruit and pineapple
Jasmine flowers - a granita/drink recipe
Saffron - saffron cupcakes with pistachio marzipan

EOWTTA (Eating Our Way through the Alphabet) 
A is for Avocado
B is for Beetroot
C is for Cucumber
D is for Durian
E is for Eggs
F is for Fennel
G is for Ginger
H is for Honey
I is for Ipomoea batatas
J is for Jackfruit
K is for Kiwifruit
L is for Lychee
M is for Mangosteen
N is for Noisette