R2 - Where it all began

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

This is probably one of my first attempts at making a 3D novelty cake. I was still coming to grips with how much icing to use etc, so the appearance of this cake is a little bit bumpy and patchy. It was made for my daughter who is a big Star Wars fan, and so the 3D R2-D2 cake was requested.

R2-D2 cake

I used 4 layers of a 20cm round cake, and a cake baked in a mixing bowl for R2's head. Everything else was coloured and cut out of plastic icing, except for the light on his head, it's half a red jellybean. (I think it was a cherry flavoured JellyBelly...mmmm). The photo of the leftover cake shows the layers inside. This cake fed over 25 kids and their attendant parents, plus as you can see, we had lots to spare...I didn't feel like cake again for at least a few weeks after that :)

Side view:


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