Saturday, July 25, 2009

(Warning: Soppy post to follow)

I’ve been away, then he’s been away.

I miss the little rituals we’ve fallen into. The things we do without even noticing they’ve become a part of our daily routine.

I suddenly realise that the part of the day I miss most is when he turns the kettle on at suppertime. This usually annoys me as it invariably intrudes on a very important scene in the crime drama I’m watching. But I miss it because it signals the start of our unwinding stage – the time when we slowly let go of the day that was.

When the kids have been safely tucked into bed, when the dishes have been cleared away, when it’s time for cups of green tea and talking. Or at least, for me to talk and for him to listen (or pretend to).

He customarily tucks into dessert at this point - the same strange concoction (almost) every night. A bowl of mixed cereal (sometimes crunchy nut, sometimes nutty clusters of some kind or another), a dollop of berry yoghurt, sliced seasonal fruit and vanilla ice-cream on the top.

I figured a variation on the theme wouldn’t go astray as a way of welcoming him home.

Oaty biccies with yoghurt and berries.

berry yoghurt and biscuit
I wanted crisp biscuits (cookies) not the chewy kind, so I adapted a recipe for vanilla snaps from Donna Hay.

90g butter (softened)
90g sugar
10g cornflour
40g plain flour
75g oats
1 egg (lightly beaten)
vanilla extract

Cream the butter and sugar until light. Beat in egg, then beat in flour and oatmeal and few drops vanilla extract. The resulting dough is really quite sticky and will work as drop cookies, but I was determined to cut out heart shapes (stubborn I hear you say?), so I wrapped the dough in plastic film and refrigerated for an hour.

The dough firms up after refrigeration but is still sticky as all get out, so I liberally dusted all work surfaces with flour to roll and cut out shapes (I’d probably add more flour into the dough recipe, but will have to make it again to work out how much more to add).

Bake in preheated oven (about 180˚C) until golden. Cool on wire racks.

Serve with:
Greek yoghurt mixed with honey to sweeten (I also added a drop or two of orange blossom water)
Berries / fruit of choice.


Julia @ Mélanger said...

It's funny how you can get really comfortable with a routine. I am like that, too. Love this dessert. I do love strawberries. Cute biscuit shapes! :)

shaz said...

I'm a strawberry addict too. I don't usually buy them in winter but these smelled so good and came from Queensland so I succumbed :)

Hungry Dog said...

Shaz, I really like this post. The power of food is often in who you share it with or who it reminds you of! Glad you're both home & together now :)

shaz said...

Thanks Hungry Dog - I think people who
"get" food understand that it goes beyond taste and how prettily it's plated up, there's so much emotion involved. (well, in my world anyway) :)