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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Poor MC (mini-critic) Senior was feeling a bit fragile. She had spent most of the morning curled up under her doona on the sofa, nursing a temperature.

What to feed a poor mite with no appetite? Jelly! I had some gelatin leaves in the cupboard, which I’d been saving for a special occasion. Cheering up a sick child was definitely one of those times.

After looking around for a flavour inspiration, I found a box of frozen mixed berries in the bottom of the freezer. Ooops, they’d gone a bit icy, but it didn’t matter what they looked like, it was the juice I was after.

Berry Jelly with a hint of mint.

400g (I started with about 375g) frozen berries
3 – 4 tbsp caster sugar (depending on the tartness of the berries. The mix I used contained redcurrants, so needed a bit more sweetening)
Sprig of mint (optional)
Squeeze of lemon juice (optional)

Cook the berries and mint over low heat to release all the juices. Strain through fine sieve or muslin cloth, into a measuring jug. If you want a clear jelly, don’t push down on the solids left over in the sieve/cloth. I can’t bear wasting food, so I squeezed the muslin cloth, wringing out every last drop of berry goodness. The resulting jelly was “cloudy” but I didn’t mind. Stir in the sugar and lemon juice if using.

Follow instructions on your gelatin leaf packet. I had almost 500ml liquid, so I used 2 gelatin leaves (titanium strength). First soak the leaves in cold water for 5 minutes. If the berry liquid has cooled too much, give it a quick zap in the microwave to heat up. Stir the gelatin through the hot liquid. Pour into serving cups (decorate with extra berries if desired), let cool then place in fridge to set.

The jelly was a welcome treat and MC Senior did revive a little bit. And MC junior enjoyed it too - “Wibbly-wobbly! It’s in my belly”


Y said...

Heh, I love wibbly wobbly jellies. Perfect for those fragile moments.

shaz said...

I love jelly too, even when un-fragile :)