Market Sunday

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Any other morning of the week sees me hitting the snooze button and mumbling “five more minutes” as the kids try to get me to get out of bed. “But, we’re hungrryyyyyy!” they cry. (The plaintive wailing doesn’t work on me. Mr Kitchen Hand usually gives up and gets them breakfast - thanks hon!)

But come Sunday, I’ll jump out of bed and head out the door because I don’t want to be late for the markets. The French’s Forest Organic Food and Farmers Markets to be exact, held every Sunday from 8 am - 1 pm at The Parkway Hotel, 5 Frenchs Forest Road East (rain or shine). Not all the stalls are organic - there is a mix of organic and conventional produce.

black sapote and other fruits(This week's bag of goodies. Found a black sapote fruit, can't wait to try it)

The short trek to the markets has become an almost weekly ritual for me. I find that we eat better, have more vegetable based meals and hardly any processed foods when I do make the effort to go. And because we’re eating seasonal produce, I don’t get stuck in the rut of only getting the same thing all the time.

Plus, it’s such a great way to start the morning. My first stop is the Organic Food Network stall where I stock up on the weekly veges and fruit. It’s really popular which is why I make an effort to get here early. Sometimes (especially in the warmer months) the more popular vegetables are sold out by 9am! This is THE place to get great garlic bulbs, they stock two kinds, an Italian and a Russian (both Australian grown). Supermarket / imported garlic can’t even compare.

And for those who think that going organic means more expense, the prices are pretty reasonable. I find that I actually spend less going to the markets because I’m not tempted to put pricey processed stuff in the bag.

fruit and veg box(Last week's haul)

Next stop is the Clarendon Farms egg stall. All they do are cartons of free range eggs (current price $6.50 a dozen). Think eggs are eggs? These ones have thick shells and brightly sunny yolks. Again, supermarket eggs just don’t compare.

During apple season, I stop by at the apple people (I forget their stall name sorry, but they’re hard to miss) and buy a bag of unwaxed apples.

After that I head to the Honest to Goodness stall to stock up on dried fruit and nuts which we snack on during the week. They have a range of organic, pesticide free and sulphur free products. The tamari roasted almonds are great to nibble on when the pre-dinner hunger pangs strike and not as guilt-inducing as a potato chip! I’m also partial to the dried nectarines and the dried mango. There’s a great range too, from quinoa to black turtle beans (for feijoada enthusiasts)

By this time, I’m starving as I usually skip brekkie to get out of the door in time, so I head over to the Dosa Delight stall for authentic South Indian Masala Dosa….woo hoo! Complete with Sambar and Coconut Chutney. I dive in with fingers (the proper way to eat dosa) and I don’t care who stares at me!

masala dosa(Sorry this pic is a bit blurred, I forgot my camera so I used my phone instead. Plus I couldn't wait and ate some of the sauce before I took the pic)

Finally, a quick browse through the other stalls – clothes, books, jewellery, baked goods (lots of bread, cupcakes, slices, pies including vegetarian/vegan options), specialty products (meats, milk, cheese, butter, jams etc) and plants, then home I head to deliver the goodies. Another perfect Sunday morning.

(If you’re a fellow devotee and you spot someone pulling along a bright red shopping trolley next time you’re at the markets– say hi, it’s probably me ☺ )


hungry dog said...

Sounds like an awesome way to start the day--I always find shopping at a farmer's market is as calming as it is productive.

shaz said...

Cheers Hungry Dog. I'm always buzzing when I come back from the markets :)