F is for Friday and Friends

Friday, August 28, 2009

cherry cupcake1
There’s really not much of Friday left. I meant to post this in the morning but it was such a glorious day that we went to the beach instead (apparently this is the warmest August on record - sorry planet).

I love Fridays for all the usual reasons, but I also love it because it’s the day I catch up with a lovely group of gals. What started out as a sort of postnatal support group has turned into a true circle of friends and we have caught up every Friday for the past 6 years, almost without fail.

The girls are great for a laugh (and for serious conversations), but they’re also great taste-testers. These cherry cupcakes with cinnamon white chocolate ganache got the thumbs up.

So here’s to friends, both old and new (in the wonderful world of the blog), and here’s to cherry cupcakes. (Apparently, cherry cakes are good for hangovers too )

Cinnamon cherry cupcakes
(makes about 12 large cupcakes)
A TWS Original

225g flour
190g sugar
200g butter (softened)
3 eggs
1½ teaspoon baking powder
¼ teaspoon baking soda
60ml (1/4 cup) cherry juice (save from thawing if using frozen cherries)
2 teaspoons cinnamon

About 24 cherries (pitted) (I used my last batch of frozen cherries)
Chopped white chocolate (about 20 g)

If using frozen cherries, thaw overnight in fridge, in a sieve set over a bowl to catch the juices. Pit the cherries and sandwich a small piece of white chocolate between each cherry.
(I found the sandwiched white chocolate wasn’t that noticeable for the amount of effort involved, so I’d actually skip this step in future and just throw some white chocolate bits into the finished cake batter)


Preheat oven to 180˚C.

Sift dry ingredients into a bowl and beat on low speed for about 30 seconds to mix.

In a separate bowl, beat eggs lightly and stir in cherry juice.

Make a well in the dry ingredients, add the butter and half the egg mixture. Beat on low until the flour is moistened (and won’t fly up all over the kitchen), then beat on high for about a minute or two until it’s well mixed. Scrape down sides, add the rest of the egg mixture and beat well (about 1 minute).

Spoon batter halfway into cupcake cases, pop two cherries onto each cupcake, then add more batter to cover the cherries.

batter with cherries

Bake until golden (about 15 minutes – check after 10).

cooked cupcakes
Cool on wire rack and ice with white chocolate ganache.

I piped on the ganache swirls for the photos, then found that the ratio of icing to cake made it too sweet. So I just used an offset spatula to ice the rest of the cupcakes – not as photogenic but much tastier.

more cherry cupcakes

(I made a basic white chocolate ganache and flavoured it with a pinch of cinnamon. Completely forgot to write down my measurements for the ganache, which is why there is no recipe. Ganache is usually equal parts cream to chocolate).

havaianas on beachHave a great weekend !


pragmaticattic said...

Sounds delicious . . . I wonder if I could use my brandied cherries for this (but would that help or hinder the anti-hangover effect?)

Cinnamon white chocolate ganache must taste divine.

lisamichele said...

What a fantastic combo for a cupcake, cherry with cinnamon white chocolate ganache! You get fruity, spicy, and sweet all at once. Plus, they look gorgeous! Nicely done!

shaz said...

Thanks pragmaticattic -ooh, brandied cherries sound like they would go very well indeed.

Thanks lisamichele - I love cinnamon, I probably use too muc of it in everything.

Hungry Dog said...

These look lovely as usual! So great to have a standing date with your girlfriends. Very important :) And thanks for the shoutout on hangover cake!!

Grace said...

fact: cinnamon white chocolate ganache may be the finest, most appetizing four-word phrase i've ever read. good heavens.
clever cupcake combination, shaz, and you can NEVER use too much cinnamon. :)

Linda said...

LOL I would do anything to be one of your friend knowing that I'd get cupcakes like that. You're soo lucky to have enjoyed the beuatiful weather on Friday, I think we're due for a scorcher.

Y said...

Gosh, I can't believe it's beach weather already! Kind of missing Winter now....

Cherry, cinnamon, white chocolate.. uh, yum!!

Megan@Feasting on Art said...

I love little treats with a surprise in the middle! Great recipe, I will save this one for later.

shaz said...

Cheers hungry dog - i loved the idea of treating hangover with cake

Ta Grace - (almost) anything can be improved with a pinch of cinnamon methinks.

Thanks Linda, you're too kind. I do hope it stays warm and doesn't fizzle out.

Hey Y, thanks for popping by (hey I rhymed). I need an absolutely scorchingly hot day to miss winter :). I like autumn and spring though.

Hi Megan - I like surprise treats too, I love cupcakes because they're so much fun to play around with and add stuff to.

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Ooh I love the sound of that ganache! *drools* hehe I love that last pic. Hopefully a sign of more warm weather to come! :)