No Cassata Here

Thursday, August 6, 2009

cassata cake
(I’m sorry, if you are Italian, avert your eyes now.)

I had a small amount of leftover mascarpone (from making this dessert), and needed to use it up quickly. I also had some candied cumquats, which I’m very addicted to at the moment. And from this recent venture, I had frozen vanilla pound cake off-cuts crying out to be used.

What’s a gal to do? I made (faux) cassata of course! Plus, it gave me an excuse to buy that amazing looking glace melon I kept eyeing off every time I walked past the deli. I’d never tasted it before but the alluring, glowing greenness of it has been niggling at me for some time.

glace melonI dream of Melon

And in no time at all, I whipped up a batch of my not-quite cassata, but I ran out of cake pieces with still more cream mixture to go! Hmmmm…I then baldly stole an idea from the very amazingly talented and inspiring Y of Lemonpi who posted about baking gingerbread crisply. So I cut up the last few bits of cake and crisped them in the oven to serve with the creamy filling.

more cassata
All gone! Ciao!

Mascarpone filling

½ cup mascarpone
¼ cup cream (whipped)
1 tablespoon caster sugar (whipped into cream)
small handful chopped glace melon
small handful chopped candied peel (or cumquats)
3 or 4 chopped glace cherries (for colour)

Mix well and spread on cake. (Cake can be brushed with syrup or liquer first)


Hungry Dog said...

Wow, very pretty. Love the picture of that melon!

Anh said...

Very imaginative I say! And you make me curious about the glace lemon!

shaz said...

Thanks Hungry Dog and Anh - I just had to buy that melon, it looked too good.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

So delicious looking! No wonder everything has disappeared ;-P!



Tartelette said...

That sounds really refreshing!

Lina said...

love your blog! Everything you make looks so delicious!

chocolatecup said...

the melon is really pretty. never saw sth like that before!

shaz said...

Thank you Lina adn Tartelette

Thanks chocolatecup - the melon is usually used in Italian desserts, you can get it from delis.

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Greta idea! Wow you really think of your feet well :)

And glace melon? I've never seen it but if I had I'd be similarly curious :D