Oh-oh oranges and friends – trio of granitas

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

granita mountain

There was an avalanche pending from the citrus mountain that had accumulated in the fruit bowl. Due to my enthusiasm in trying to provide a variety of winter fruit, we’d ended up with tangelos, mandarins, oranges and blood oranges. Not to mention the candied cumquats that were still in the fridge.

The unseasonably warm weather we’ve been having here in Sydney provided the inspiration to transform my citrus bounty into an icy cool treat. A trio of granitas to be precise. I don’t do ice-cream, nor own an ice-cream maker, but granitas are super simple to make. And great for using up overabundant oranges!

Trio of Granitas
(Blood Orange, Cumquat and Tangelemon)
granita in tubs
To start this recipe, I made a light sugar syrup consisting of ½ cup caster sugar dissolved in 1 cup boiling water. I didn’t even have to turn on the stove, just the electric kettle.

Blood orange granita ingredients : Juice from 1½ blood oranges, light sugar syrup

Method: Strain juice into a measuring jug. Add enough sugar syrup to make up to ¾ cup. Pour into a freezer proof container. Put into freezer for about two hours, then check to see if ice has started to form around the edges of the container. Use a fork to scrape the ice and mix the liquid and ice together. Put back in freezer. Repeat the fork scraping process again in about an hour or two (depending on iciness of mixture – make sure it doesn’t freeze into a hard lump or it won’t have the texture of granita). Cover container and return to freezer. Scrape up with fork again before serving. (You can repeat the scraping process a few times to get a finer granita if preferred).

Cumquat granita ingredients : ¼ cup candied cumquats and syrup(I had some from this recipe)

Method: Finely chop any pieces of cumquats. Put the cumquat pieces and syrup into measuring jug, make up to ¾ cup with plain water (The cumquat syrup is sweet enough). Follow method above.

Tangelemon granita ingredients: Juice from 1 tangelo and ½ lemon. Follow method for blood orange granita.

granita on spoon
How simple is that? You can vary the quantity of syrup and the fruit juices to suit your taste. Or even make a grown up alcoholic version like Megan from Feasting on Art.

Hurry up summer!


morgana said...

Mmmmmmmmm. So fresh and delicious!!!! Can I have one, please?

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

What a beautiful way to beckon Spring in! Love the idea of trying three of these granitas-not only does it provide a colour contrast but a nice variation on flavours :)

Grace said...

i'm such a sucker for things with clever names like tangelemon. awesome citrus explosion of granitas, shaz!

Juliana said...

Nice combination...great for the hot summer days. Love the colors that you have, nice picture!

shaz said...

Thanks everyone!

Morgana - you can have lots!

Lorraine-I'm so looking forward to Spring and Summer (and cherries;P)

Grace - I'm definitely the kind of person who goes for the dish with the interesting name (sometimes ends in tears)

Juliana - I love the colour of blood oranges, pity the season doesn't last till summer