A camping we will go...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

We're off for a self-induced long weekend break. And yes, we are actually camping (but in a caravan park).

What goes hand-in-hand with camping? Mmmmm...marshmallows!

Strawberry marshmallows and chocolate swirl marshmallows (I put choc-chips in some plain mallows and they melted! )

My earliest attempt at marshmallows was thanks to a Daring Bakers challenge - also my first challenge. These fluffy morsels weren't as tricky as they looked, and I ended up making a few variations.

Here's another variation using reduced strawberry puree and dried strawberries. I used the marshmallow recipe from the chocolate covered mallow biscuits here. To make the dried strawberries, I sliced some strawberries thinly and dried them slowly in a low oven.

Enjoy the pics and have a good weekend. Malaysian Monday will be late next week, so bear with me. Who knows, it may even become Malaysian Tuesday just this once ;P

Once were strawberries


Grace said...

the strawberry pops are adorable, and a great idea! i'm most smitten, however, by your terrific marshmallows! homemade fluff is something i've never attempted, but if i did, i'd mix it up like you and try different flavors. nicely done, and have fun camping!

Anh said...

All the best for the break. I so want mine, too.

Love the strawberry marshmallow with choc!

Hungry Dog said...

Wow, so pretty! I'm not much of a marshmallow fan but I have to say, homemade ones seem infinitely more appealing! And the dried strawberries are gorgeous. Have fun camping!

shaz said...

Thanks everyone, we had a great time!