Don’t go down to the woods today…

Friday, September 25, 2009

Hello Friday! Almost the weekend, and weekends are the perfect time for a picnic. Perhaps a Teddy Bear’s Picnic?

When we went campinglast weekend, one of our little friends celebrated his first birthday and I was very lucky because I got to make him a cake.

As we had to transport the cake a long way, I kept it fairly simple. Which turned out to be a good idea because once we’d packed the tent and assorted paraphernalia that comes with two kids, I ended up travelling with the cake on my lap! (Also because I’d misjudged the height of the cake and couldn’t fit the container lid back on – and had to rig a makeshift cover).

Here’s a step by step of how I made the Teddy Bears Picnic Cake.

The cake base was made up of three square cakes stacked on top of each other. There were two vanilla and one chocolate pound cake sandwiched with dark chocolate ganache. I then covered the entire cake with ganache to try and get a smooth surface for the icing to go over. This technique was one I’d picked up from the book Planet Cake by Paris Cutler. The cake layers were “supported” by plastic drinking straws inserted in each corner and the middle – a technique recommended in The Cake Bible.

Once the ganache was dry, I covered the cake with a thin layer of pale green “ready-to-roll” icing. At this stage, I wasn’t too worried if the icing was cracked or wasn’t even as I knew that I was going to add more icing. Think of this layer as the “crumb coat” if you will.

Next came the “picnic blanket”. I also started adding some “grass” to the base to cover up uneven patches or cracks.

On with the bear’s body and some polka dots. The bear’s body is a cupcake wrapped in icing, while the arms, legs and head were made with more icing. I made the polka dots by cutting them out with the back of an icing tip.

Finally all the picnic goodies were added on. I made the plates from modelling paste so that they would dry “stiff”. The other bits and bobs were made from ready to roll icing. For the sandwiches, I literally sandwiched a pink piece of icing between two pieces of white, rolled it flat then cut into triangles.

I think the birthday boy liked it – he smiled a lot ☺

Hope you get the chance to have a picnic this weekend! And here's a pic of one of the creatures we met while camping.


Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Oh my, that is just brilliant! Bravo and standing ovation! :D What a lucky birthday boy!

Barbara said...

That cake is soooo adorable! No wonder he smiled! I'm not sure I like your party crasher though.

Anh said...

You are sooo talented, Shaz!!!

shaz said...

Thank you so much Lorraine - high praise indeed coming from you :)

Thank you Barbara - that "scary" creature is actually a very shy echidna. I was lucky to get a snap before he/she ran away.

Thanks Anh, you are so kind

Karine said...

Wowowowow impressive work! You are so talented!

Thanks for sharing:)