Red skies and a public service announcement

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

(read on, it will be slightly food related, I promise)

Woke up this morning and thought I was still dreaming – of a fantasy world straight out of Asimov or Clarke. A weird orange light was seeping in under the curtains….aaahhhhhh!!!! Maybe the apartments next door were on fire!

Luckily, they were not. It was just a freaky morning dust storm. Everything was blanketed by fine red dust thanks to some strong winds over inland NSW. Living in Sydney, I often forget just how wild and untamed Australia can be.

Dust everywhere! 

I sit here typing and sweating it out because all the doors and windows are tightly closed to prevent the dust from invading my living space. Luckily, the winds are still going strong and hopefully dispersing the rest of this dust.

Enough about dust, on to the rest of today’s post.

I’m trying to use my blog for good today, and I’d like to introduce you to the Fregie Sack. Mini-critic junior’s kindy teacher (Sue) has these sacks for sale as part of a fundraiser. Sue is helping out her son Paul who is a volunteer at the ARCAS animal rescue and rehabilitation centre in Guatemala. In Paul’s own words:

“The place has a lot of love in it but it is in pretty dire needs. They are desperate for funding, new cages, etc. They have an education centre but there hasn’t been funding in it for years and so it isn’t up and running. I would love to build new cages for some of the bigger animals and the ones that can’t be released but they don’t have any materials to build anything or the money to buy it with. They are at capacity with 530 animals and have to turn away anymore, as there is simply no place to put anything else.

The centre has found it is short of donations due to the financial crisis and the volunteer fees are 70% of what the centre gets in funding but they have also been down in numbers due to the swine flu scare in neighbouring Mexico. I have a dedicated team of volunteers ready to help fix up the education centre and build cages, but we just need the funding”.

Enter Sue and the Fregie Sack. These sacks are a fantastic replacement for plastic bags when shopping for fruit and vegetables. Even though I take my own bags to the markets/shops, I still need to occasionally use a plastic bag or paper sack for the small things like beans or peas. As it is, I get dirty looks at the checkout (but not at the markets) when I rock up with “loose” potatoes and fruit that proceed to roll all around the counter.


These are the small fregie sacks - but they're large enough even for carrots! 

The sacks are made of a lightweight, see through material and have a drawstring to keep the produce in. They can be washed and repaired as needed.

These sacks are available from the Fregie Sack website, but if you’d like to help Sue and Paul out, you can order them by emailing (edit: I've removed the email address as the fundraiser is now over). They are available in two sets : Regular bags (30x40cm) come in a set of 5 for $13, or mini bags (20x25cm) which come in a set of 4 for $10. They come in a range of colours : Classic (dark blue, indigo, white, red, dark green, burgundy, black, aqua), Rainbow (bright orange, gold, royal blue, indigo, red, dark green, magenta or aqua), and Pastel (lemon, rose, lilac, aqua, green, pale pink, pale blue or white). You will get a random selection of the colours from the range you select. For example, I ordered the Pastel range and received two pink and two blues.

If you live in Sydney, Sue is also organising a fundraising dance to be held on October 16th at the Seaforth Bowling Club, from 7.30pm – 12pm. Drinks are available at club prices and there will be coffee, tea and a light supper free of charge. There will also be a Lucky Door prize, Raffle, Charity Auction and fundraising events through the night. PLUS lots of dancing – local band Backbeat will be playing favourites from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

Tickets are $20 a head and can be purchased from Sue.

Thanks for reading and have a great, hopefully dust-free, day!


Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Wasn't the sky just crazy today? I'm glad I was prewarned when I woke up or I would have freaked out! :o

shaz said...

I did freak out big time :)

Hungry Dog said...

The seagull picture is awesome. Dust does not sound pleasant though. Nice post...always good to help the little animals.

Anh said...

Oh I like these bags.

And the dust storm. I actually got up late for work but the storm was there to cover up for me. :D. I have sinus problem today though.

Megan@Feasting on Art said...

That dust was pretty surreal. Love your seagull pic - I was too afraid to venture outside with my camera because I thought the fine sand would get into my lens.

Juliana said...

Dust all over? Sounds terrible! Fortunately we don't have dust storm here. By the way, love the seagull picture :-)

shaz said...

Thanks everyone - I love the seagull pic too...I cheated, I'd enticed them over with a few crumbs from my morning snack :)