Healthy (?) Halloween

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Almost the weekend and we're off camping again - dropping off the grid for a few days. (Talk about scary, the place we are heading to doesn't have internet access! Or phones. Or restaurants nearby ;P)

But before we go, I wanted to share these fun Halloween inspired treats with you. They're semi-healthy (what? they have fruit!) and super easy to make.

Strawberry chocolate frogs

These are always a big hit when I make them, and it doesn't matter how wonky they look, just pass them off as mutant frogs. The steps are really simple.

You will need some fresh strawberries, white chocolate and green food colouring.

1) Wash and dry a handful of strawberries. Make sure they are really dry as water can cause the chocolate to "seize". Line a tray with baking paper. Check to see if tray will fit in the fridge (to chill the chocolate).

2) Pinch the green leaves off the tops of the strawberries but don't cut or "injure" the strawberries, they have to remain dry.

3) Melt some white chocolate - this will sound horrifying but I found compound chocolate (sold here as Melts) actually worked better for this process because it sets quickly. The "eating" white chocolate just ended up too gloopy. (I used the bowl set over hot water method to melt the chocolate. This has the added advantage of keeping the chocolate "runny" when needed).

4) Tint the chocolate a shade of green. I used a toothpick dipped in paste colour, not sure if liquid colour will work so I won't recommend it

5) Dip the strawberries in the chocolate and leave to dry on their sides on the baking paper. I used my fingers to dip and when the "frog" was on the baking paper, I touched up visible bits by spooning chocolate over it. If you can get the stawberry to sit "stem end" to the ground, it will look more froglike.

6) Use a teaspoon or piping bag (if feeling industrious) and make a frog-leg sort of shape on the paper (see pic). Attach the strwaberry part to the legs with a bit of extra chocolate. Add two chocolate chips for eye. Chill till set. Store in an airtight container in the fridge.

7) Watch the frog "bleed" when you bite into it:) Best eaten on the same day it is made or it the strawberries will start to go a bit wet and unappetising.

My legs! My legs! I can't feel my legs


Chocolate banana ghosties

This one was even simpler.

Melt the chocolate. Slice some glace cherries in such a way as to get the "O" shape.

Line a baking tray as above. Chop a banana into the ghostlike shape. You will need both ends of the banana and depending how long the fruit is, you may end up with a bonus "middle" banana offcut. (*burp*)

Dip banana into the chocolate (I used a skewer), then set on baking paper. When the chocolate isn't too runny, add on the eyes and mouth. Put in fridge to chill. (If you add the eyes and mouth too early it will just slide down the "face")

The mini-critics loved it. What mini-critic junior didn't like though, were these "Furry Monster Cupcakes". She didn't want to even look at it becasue it freaked her out too much!

Super simple idea. Just tint some shredded coconut green and sprinkle it on your favourite iced cupcake. Add glace cherry eyes and a chocolate mouth.

Have a great Halloween everyone. We'll see you sometime next week. Malaysian Monday will be postponed until the week after!


Barbara said...

Your frog feet are a scream! Love the ghosties too. Very fun Halloween treats!

Hannah said...

Ah, these are SUCH great ideas, I love it!

John Raj said...

Jolly Good

Hungry Dog said...

These are all so cute and creative. Have fun camping, Shaz!

Linda@eatshowandtell said...

LOL Omg these are sooo cute hahhaha and they're filled with fruit pieces, so kinda healthy as well. Awesome job. I love the straberry frog idea =D

Grace said...

SHAZ. aren't you a clever kitten! those frogs are the cutest things i think i've ever seen, and bonus--they'd be tasty too! good on you, gal! and happy halloween!

Linda@eatshowandtell said...

LOL I Love it!!The frogs are so cute!! hahaha the banana host. Showed it to the BF he absolutely reckons your tops for making fruit fun.

Julia @Mélanger said...

Oh my, how cute are your little halloween treats!

Megan@Feasting on Art said...

These are perfect! I love the ghosties!!!

Mama Mia said...

Love that little cutie, she looks so confused hahaha!

Lori said...

These are adorable. I would be so surprised to find a strawberry inside- clever!

shaz said...

Thank you everyone! It was lots of fun. Ellie - sorry I accidentally killed your comment (large fingers, small screen, lack of sleep), thank you anyway :)