Friday, October 23, 2009

Too quickly the end of the week is upon us. Or not quickly enough-depending on your point of view ☺. Seems like barely yesterday we were chilling out on school holiday time – as we headed off on our road trip down the coast to visit Nana and Pop.

It’s not the most environmentally friendly thing in the world, but I love driving trips. That sense of possibility the open road brings. The feeling of letting go and just “being” (unless you’re the driver). My dad is a great fan of the road-trip. He carted the family round Peninsula Malaysia one holiday, urging my brother and I to look out the window as we went past oil palm estates and rubber plantations and dams and rivers and forests and towns. “Look! Look at the scenery” he’d hassle us as we dozed off, trying to imbue in us the sense of adventure that he obviously felt.

His passion was contagious. “Look! There’s a cow!” I point out to the mini-critics who have started fidgeting in the back seat. No in-car DVD’s for this family – I want them to look out the window and watch clouds, and dream. We play “I spy” and made-up alphabet games. We count horses and cows and trees and cars. We talk (and occasionally whinge) and we sleep. We complain about hunger. We happily find interesting places to eat…

Here are some photos from our recent road trip and a café or two. Have a great weekend and happy trails ☺

Afternoon tea goodies from the Greengrocer on Clifford. A greengrocer/cafe in Goulburn that has a great selection of baked goodies, sandwiches, salads, juices  and woodfired pizza (dinner only).  The interior's not that flash (think cafeteria dining), but the vibe is relaxed.
37 Clifford St Goulburn 2580 - (02) 4821 0033.


The charming Berry Woodfired Sourdough Bakery is definitely worth a stop. It can get pretty crowded but if the weather's fine, you can always get the tarts/pies/tasty treats to take away and have a picnic.  We've stopped here about three times now and haven't been disappointed (except for the times when we found it shut - open only on Wednesday to Sunday)

My lunch : duck confit (if there's duck on the menu, I can't go past it). potatoes, and frisee salad with lentils. Really, really good. I had to battle the family to hold on to my potatoes.

Mr. Kitchen Hand's lunch - he was very pleased with it too. Pastie (can't remember what was in it) and a Pumpkin and fetta tart (mini-critic junior couldn't help pinching a bit). No pics of the kids lunch because spaghetti is just not that photogenic and besides, they would't let me take a photo because they wanted to dig in straightaway.


My dessert: Prune and custard tart. It was pretty tasty but I had dessert envy once I realised what the others had scored. My tastebds kept saying - "come on, we want the other thing".

Looks unassuming but on the first mouthful, Mr. Kitchen Hand remarks:"Phwoar, that's weapons grade chocolate that is". Then rich, golden, salty caramel oozes out from below the chocolate layer. Luckily, there are two of this and I get some of the kid's leftovers.

Berry Woodfired Sourdough Bakery. 23 Alfred St, Berry NSW 2535. 02 4464 1617


Ellie said...

Love roadtripping and explore the surroundings and pop in to various charming looking cafe. You sure had a great time!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Aren't road trips the best!? :) And I'm like you, I can't go past if I see it on the menu and the chocolate caramel tart-great ooze shot!:D

pierre said...

hi shaz thanks for the sharing and your beautiful photos : i love the desserts you ate !
and if you kie a uncommon dessert come and see my blog !! see u!Pierre from Paris France

Barbara said...

We played I Spy too! Imagine everyone does. I'm with you- I love road trips. But I think your food looks better than the food I usually eat on my road trips! Lucky you. (And I'd make a grab for your potatoes too- they look wonderful.)

shaz said...

Hi Ellie - yes, we had a ball, wish I was still on holidays :)

:P Lorraine - the "ooze" really made the tart.

Thanks pierre.

:) Barbara - we don't luck out with good food every the time, but I guess that's part of the road trip experience.