Malaysian Monday 18: Kuah Kacang

Monday, December 14, 2009

Hello Blog. Bet you thought I’d forgotten about you huh? Blame it on the silly season.

Let’s have a short and spicy Malaysian Monday today. Have some peanut sauce (kuah kacang). This sauce, served with skewers of meat (usually chicken or beef), becomes the very famous Satay.

While Malaysian will definitely argue about which is the best - the suburb of Kajang, in the state of Selangor is probably the most well known place to get a good satay.

I’ve actually tried to make satay sauce many times from many different recipes, but they don’t seem to turn out quite right. The red layer of oil always seems to be missing. Exactly when to add the peanuts seems to affect the outcome, and also a heavy handedness with the oil helps (my biggest problem).  Raw peanuts that have been toasted from scratch also contribute to the outcome, but this step sounds like too much hard work so I used unsalted roasted peanuts instead.

Finally, I think I’ve found the right balance thanks to this recipe, I’d halved it and adapted it but can’t quite remember if I added or omitted the coconut milk (my notes are all scribbled), so won’t post the adapted recipe yet until I try it again.

Chicken satay skewers 

Hope you’re week is starting with a smile ☺


Trissa said...

I was skimming through your post and thought "oh no, she has not put the recipe (I really wanted it!" but then on second look I saw the link YAY!

Ellie said...

Thanks for sharig your find. I have been looking for one too. Have you tried the kuah kacang at mamak restaurant. totally rocks! My week started with half a smile. First week of school holiday.

Deeba PAB said...

Shaz...I'm smiling as I read this. Yum yum yum yum...just what I need to have soon! Finger licking good stuff!

shaz said...

Hi Trissa - yes, I can't read my sauce splattered notes so I didn't post the "tweaked" recipe in case it didn't work. Will have to try again soon :)

Yes I have Ellie - that is my ultimate goal to make one that tastes like Mamak's. I think this one is not far off but probably needs a bit more sugar and maybe "serai?" I can't quite tell.

Nice to hear Deeba, but then again I'm not surprised. You seem to be always smiling, you're such a happy soul.

Hungry Dog said...

Yum, I love satay and peanut sauce! I wish I could have that for lunch today. :)

Barbara said...

Lovely, Shaz. I adore chicken satay. Let us know how you tweaked the sauce!

JT @ areyouhungary said...

I know its early and I haven't even eaten breakfast yet, but oh boy does that chicken and sauce look good. Drool.