Malaysian Monday 19: Kuih Keria

Monday, December 21, 2009

Welcome to the last Malaysian Monday for the year. Can’t believe how quickly time has flown - this blog is almost a year old! Seems like only yesterday I was struggling for something to say, and now I just can’t shut up ;P

To round things off sweetly, I figured this Malaysian style glazed doughnut would do nicely (get it?).

The main ingredient in Kuih Keria is actually sweet potato (not quite sure what the name Keria means). This is a pretty simple dish to whip up but we didn’t usually make the kuih at home as it was far simpler to buy one from the “Goreng Pisang" (Banana Fritters) stall. These stalls usually sell an array of deep fried goodies that are very popular at afternoon tea-time.

Like most Malaysian recipes, the ingredients for this kuih will vary according to individual taste and other factors (eg: moisture content in the potato).

Here’s how I made my kuih keria.

First boil some sweet potatoes in their skins (steam if preferred). As you can see, I used three small purple skinned ones, but the orange skinned variety is more commonly used. Let cool, then peel and mash. I added a pinch of salt and a knob of butter (not a traditional ingredient) as well. I ended up with about 1 ½ cups (packed) mashed sweet potato.

Add enough plain flour to bind the potatoes and make a soft dough (I used slightly less than half a cup of flour). Don’t add too much flour otherwise the doughnut will end up really hard and will not taste of sweet potato at all.

Form the dough into small doughnut shapes. It’s easiest to shape some balls of dough into a disc shape then poke a hole with a finger. Deep fry until golden. Drain on absorbent paper.

Then make the glaze. I used about ½ a cup of sugar and ¼ cup water but I think this was really a bit too much water. You’ll need just enough water to dissolve the sugar. Heat the sugar until bubbling, it’s ok to stir because it doesn’t matter if the sugar crystallises. When the sugar has melted and become thick and starting to “dry out” (do not let it become caramel), put the doughnuts in and stir to coat. Lift out and place on a plate (would be worth lining the plate with some parchment paper to prevent the doughnuts from sticking). The sugar should actually form a crisp coating around the doughnut. Mine was a bit patchy.

Best eaten warm. The texture is unreal, you bite through the crisp sugar crust, then chew through the golden brown “skin” and hit the soft, fluffy potatoey insides. Mmmm….it’s so good I eat about 4 before I gather the willpower to walk away. (I can still hear them calling me from the kitchen now!).

A fellow taste tester (MC Senior) shares her thoughts with you:

Appearance: Looks like “Hmmm..I might try that”
Taste: Mmm..yum. It’s good, it’s a sweety, salty, bittery flavour all in one. (Bittery???!)
Texture: Nice squashy sort of texture

Hope the week ahead is filled with wonderful surprises!


A cupcake or two said...

Can you use palm sugar for the glaze. It looks delicious. I like the texture description. Nice squeashy sort of texture. ehehe.

Trissa said...

Oh that sounds soo good - I love sweet potatoes! I wish I had someone to make this for me... Oh I know, I'll ask Ellie! LOL!

Heavenly Housewife said...

Oh how I would love to try this. Donuts are one of my favourite all time foods, and these look so pretty!

3 hungry tummies said...

I simply love this, used to get it from the kuih lady :)

Esther said...

Oh they sound good and easier to make gluten free versions to, unlike western donuts.

Hungry Dog said...

These look awesome! "Squashy sort of texture"--I'll have to remember that one. Have a great week, Shaz!!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

A wonderful treat! Scrumptious!



shaz said...

Hi Cupcake or Two - I haven't seen a palm sugar glaze version. I think maybe you'd need to mix the palm sugar and the caster/granulated sugar to get it to "crust". But honestly, I don't should def try it out, would love to know.

Ha ha Trissa - I'm sure Ellie would oblige :)

Cheers Heavenly Housewife! Definitely a different donut :)

Yes, same here 3 hungry tummies, one of my favourites too whenever I went to the kuih stall!

Thanks Esther - I've seen some folks substitute glutinous rice flour for the wheat flour, but it will change the texture into somehting quite sticky. Still tasty though :)

Thanks Hungry Dog! HAve a great week too :)

Cheers Rosa