Season’s Eatings

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Or more like “Leftovers of the Season”.

Whilst Christmas has come and gone, its memories linger on. As restrained as I was with the food shopping, a small family inevitably meant leftovers.

We’ve since had turkey salad (very similar to a previous duck salad recipe), turkey quesadillas and finally turkey currypuffs. There’s also turkey stock in the freezer. Turkey all gone. No more turkey. For at least a year!

We’ve also eaten far too many chocolates but also our equal weight in cherries and other stone fruit, which evens things out ☺

And here’s the dessert that just keeps giving. First it was an individually assembled trifle (biscuit roulade base, mascarpone semifreddo with raspberries and rosewater, a simple raspberry sauce and an apricot mousse/jelly).

(Semifreddo based on recipe found here. The apricot mousse thingy was simply pureed apricots plus juice of one lemon and sugar to taste. I added enough water to reach 500ml, cooked the mixture over low heat to dissolve the sugar, and added two softened gelatin leaves. After the gelatin had dissolved, I set the mousse in a large bowl, in the fridge. The raspberry sauce was made of pureed raspberries and icing sugar pushed through a sieve. The roulade recipe was from my favourite cake book The Cake Bible).

Next the trifle evolved into a creamy apricot moussey thing (the apricot mousse mixed with whipped cream and mascarpone), spooned over speculaas crumbs and topped with crushed pistachios and a raspberry to decorate.

(Speculaas from here)

Finally it became a layered dessert of semifreddo, mousse, whipped cream and crushed speculaas on top (image at start of post).

At least nothing went to waste even if it meant everything went to the waist! Hope you're still on holidays and enjoying every minute of it. I know I am :)


Hungry Dog said...

What a great dessert! Every component sounds delicious but I'm particularly taken with the apricot mousse...I love anything apricot, so YUM!!

Grace said...

i love layered desserts, and that's a fact. each of the things you've done with this amazing base sounds delicious! ah, the rich semifreddo, the fluffy mousse, the tart and sweet raspberry sauce, the crunchy cookies. outstanding, all of it.

Trissa said...

That first picture is stunning Shaz! I have to admit I am also turkeyed out - I've had enough until next year! But that dessert of yours, I could probably eat that everyday!

shaz said...

Thanks Hungry Dog! Usually I'm not much of an apricot fan but this lot from the farmer's markets were very good.

Cheers Grace - my favourite was the semifreddo, I can see more on the horizon :)

Thanks Trissa. Ha ha, it felt like we were eating it everyday ;P