Musical cakes

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

January has been a busy time. I was asked for a High School Musical cake. The friend who requested it provided a pre-bought edible cake topper, and I just had to come up with a cake to suit the theme. Having never watched the movie, I found it quite tricky to come up with an idea! After much googling and looking at pictures, I settled on a two-tier cake, with the bottom layer made to look like stage curtains, with the cake topper on the top layer. I also made the birthday message using modelling paste and silver cachons to look like the HSM lighted sign. To make the curtains, I covered the cake with red plastic cing, then used a thin chopstick to impress the "folds" at slightly irregular intervals. I then cut and fluted more strips of red icing to act as the top curtains.
high school musical cake

I then decided this didn't look HSM-y enough so I added the stars and piped some musical notes across the front.

And just before the HSM cake,there was a guitar cake. This was really straightforward and pretty simple. I worked from a picture of the real toy guitar belonging to the birthday boy. I cut out the shape of the guitar body from a sheet cake and used a couple of loaf cakes for the handle. The birthday boy was very happy with the result.