Hey! Where’d January go?

Friday, January 29, 2010

Does anyone else feel as if this month has whooshed by? It’s been too swift. Only one more month of summer left …noooooooo.  (Actually if the temperatures keep up, I might actually be happy to see some cooler weather.)

We’ve been busy, busy, busy – trying to make the most of school holidays before the blessed dreaded “back to school”.

But in between visits to the beach, pool, museums, moonlight cinema and art gallery, I managed to pull off three decorated cakes (four if you count MC Senior’s Harry Potter birthday cake).  They look a little messy but I was trying to balance out taste and decoration. So I used ganache for two of the chocolate based cakes and a lemon-curd cream cheese icing (home made lemon curd added to cream cheese icing) for the lemon based cake. The weather was so hot that it was pretty tricky trying to get a smooth finish on any of the cakes – I kept having to refrigerate them. But I think the recipients were happy with them.

Have a great weekend!

For a tennis fan

Birthday Boy always wanted a black range rover

Don't ask, don't tell (actually, I'm not too sure either:))

Oh, btw, if you’ve noticed the lack of an EOWTTA this week, my apologies. Been a bit busy but mostly just too hot to think straight – plus I’ve been on a manic mission to turn out the kitchen drawers because, well, because I do things like that from time to time ☺


Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella said...

Wow Shaz! That's amazing that you not only made 3 fabulous cakes but that you also did them in this hot weather. You are to be applauded-bravo! :D

Hungry Dog said...

Shaz, when are you going to go pro? You are so talented! You could make some serious dough (ha ha) off your lovely cakes. Wish I lived near you so I could hire you to make my next birthday cake!

The Cooking Photographer said...

Wow Shaz,you have been busy. This month has flown by for me too. Although we don't have your beautiful weather of course.


Barbara said...

Wow Shaz! Love, love the tennis cake! And am totally impressed with the car. How on earth did you manage that? You are so artistic!
The last cake, I assume, is the one with the lemon curd cream cheese icing. YUM. I'm going to steal that idea for sure.
Always fun to hear you talk about your summer when we are having winter! (although I really shouldn't say that 'cause I live in Florida- summer all year long! Lucky me.)

Pierre said...

that's really amazing congratulations

Erica said...

Those cakes look beautiful! You are amazing.

Y said...

Beautiful cakes! I'd be interested to know how you made the netting for the tennis court. The car looks amazing too - from the angle of the picture, it looks like it's driving out of the mudcake! Woo!

shaz said...

Thanks Lorraine :)

Oh you're too kind Hungry Dog - I would love to go pro one day but don't think I'm ready just yet, still get too many bumpy patches on the icing :)

Thanks Laura, but then I'll be reading your summer posts with envy!

Thanks Barbara, Florida is one place I'd love to visit. The "car" was carved out of a loaf cake then covered in white fondant icing. After it had dried out a bit, I painted it with food colouring and vodka (the vodka evaporates better than water).

Cheers Pierre!

Thank you Erica

Thanks Y - the net is just piped royal icing. I piped the net bit flat on parchment paper, with extended sides. When dry, I piped a couple of blobs on the baking paper, then stuck the net into the blobs and propped it up (using food colouring jars!) until it dried.

Tha car cake is driving out of the mud, I carved it a bit "slanted" so the back wheels were not visible. Mostly cause I was lazy and knew it would be harder to make a straight car :)

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Those cakes are magnificent! You should turn your talents into profit!