Random Rambling #2: Resolutions?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

So, six days into the new year. How are the resolutions going?

Personally, I’ve never really made a New Year’s resolution because I’m not that into symbolism. Plus, who’s to say that an arbitrary date on the Gregorian Calender is the right one anyway? In fact, if you follow the Lunar calendar, the old year isn’t over yet.

Ah, but now I’m going to do a complete about-face and list my blog resolutions for the year. Because I can ☺. And because I’m a compulsive list maker.

So, in no particular order, these are some of the culinary endeavours for the next 12 months:

- Fulfil a need to knead and get stuck into more yeasty things. Bread has never been a particular favourite, but I’m the odd one out in a family of loaf lovers. I will attempt to prove my worth (get it? Oh come on, a smile at least?)

- Get cultured – the sourdough way. Found this site a little while back. Made me want to harvest wild yeast ever since (doesn’t it sound so exciting?)

- Keep my cool, and make more frozen desserts. I don’t own an ice-cream maker nor have the space for one, but recent successes (and this article in the Good Living magazine) have inspired me to push further.

- Stop being scared of caramel and hot sugar. Hopefully my extremities will escape unscathed in the ensuing experiments.

- That Puff Stuff – to get organised enough so that there is always home-made puff pastry in the freezer.

Hopefully when we get to the end of 2010, I’ll be able to say I actually had a go at everything on this list.  Come along for the ride too, and if you have any suggestions or helpful advice, feel free to send them this way.

Have a great year ahead!


Trissa said...

Can't wait to see what creations you come up with from all those resolutions! I am sure they will be lovely - I particularly want to see the wild yeast starter - I've always wanted to try it but I am afraid I might kill it!

Heavenly Housewife said...

I so agree with you when it comes to new years and resolutions. January 1st seems like such an arbitrary date to me. Still, even though I don't call them resolutions, I do have goals. My ultimate baking goal is to be able to make Laduree quality macaroons. Attempt 10 is tomorrow... yes, really!

syrupandhoney said...

Ah, I'm a list maker too! My husband and I are diving into sourdoughs to kick off the new year...

Hungry Dog said...

I'm excited for your resolutions! They all sound like they coud lead to great projects. I'd like to try my hand at bread, too--why am I so irrationally afraid of it?!

Juliana said...

Happy New Year Shaz! Like your "resolutions", like you I usually do not make them...but this year I decided that I will cook more veggies dishes :-)

Barbara said...

I have a lot of little resolutions, but the main one is to get rid of 15 pounds! It's going to be tough, too.
Good luck with your list!

Ellie said...

All the best with your new year resolutions!

betty said...

well done on the resolutions, i didn't even think of making any :s

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Hehe resolutions like this are much more likely to stick-at least for me! The puff one is one that I'm really aiming to do for myself as I love homemade puff so much more :D Best of luck Shaz!

A cupcake or two said...

Keep my cool is a great resolution. Ehheheh I love frozen desserts.

shaz said...

HI Trissa - not so sure the starter will be that photogenic. I still have to find a jar large enough to hold it, scared of it bubbling over. Hope to get started soon though

Wow HH! I admire your dedication. Good luck, I look forward to hearing how it went.

SOudns like a fabulous start to the year then Syrup and Honey (and hubby)

Cool Hungry Dog - hope you do attempt bread. It's not too scary, just time consuming. I think I tend to rush the proving bit.

Happy New Year to you too Juliana - more vegies sounds like a fantastic idea.

Good luck to you too Barbara, I know how you feel but I'm not as motivated, he he :)

Thanks Ellie.

Cheers Betty, I normally don't make resolutions, this is a first :)

I know Lorraine, found myself wishing I had puff pastry in the freezer now too many times so I've really got to do something about it.

Hi ACOTwo, semifreddo is my new favourite frozen dessert!

The Cooking Photographer said...

Those are all good resolutions Shaz. I made one, but then decided I didn't really want to make it yet. It was to make my own pie dough for a year, but then I decided I really do like buying my pie dough. For some reason it's the one premade product I buy.

I'm feeling a bit guilty about this. Oh well.


shaz said...

Hi Laura, you are one busy lady so pie-crust any way it comes sounds mighty fine! I definitely have store-bought pastry in the freezer for emergencies or the "just can't be bothered" days :)