Daring Bakers February : A Trio of Tiramisu

Saturday, February 27, 2010

No silly names or funny inventions this time around. I was so excited at making tiramisu from scratch for this month’s Daring Baker’s challenge that I did it “properly”.

The February 2010 Daring Bakers’ challenge was hosted by Aparna of My Diverse Kitchen and Deeba of Passionate About Baking. They chose Tiramisu as the challenge for the month. Their challenge recipe is based on recipes from The Washington Post, Cordon Bleu at Home and Baking Obsession.

I’m a fan of both these bloggers so it was a real kick to bake with them this month.

We made the Italian dessert tiramisu, which means “pick-me-up”. This recipe makes use of home-made Savoiardi (Ladyfinger/Spongefinger Biscuits), mascarpone cheese, zabaglione, pastry cream and whipped cream (no dieting here!). You can view the full recipe here


Home made mascarpone - never buying store bought again!  

 I made six mini tiramisus in large muffin pans, with three different flavour variations :

1)    Coffee hazelnut tiramisu.
2)    Jaffamisu (Chocolate orange tiramisu).
3)    Peach and white chocolate tiramisu (no-alcohol version for the mini-critics).

To do this, I made up the whole quantity of the given savoiardi and mascarpone recipe, then made different pastry creams and zabaglione, and used different liquers/syrups to flavour.

For the flavoured pastry cream, I divided the given recipe into three portions while it was still hot, then added 30 g grated white chocolate into one portion, 30g grated dark chocolate into the other, and some grated lemon zest in the third portion.

The chocolate melts easily and the result is extremely luscious. I think I may have put a bit too much dark chocolate in the first lot as it was quite thick but the mini-critics polished off the leftovers after I told them it was “chocolate mousse” so it can’t have been that bad!


L-R: White choc pastry cream, Dark choc pastry cream, vanilla pastry cream, peach zabaglione, frangelico zabaglione, cointrea zabaglione (accidentally made thi a bit too thick) 

For the savoiardi, I drew circles based on the size of the muffin pans and piped to fit. I made three circles per tiramisu, and had enough batter left over to make some mini-fingers for the mini-critics to munch on (massive hit!).

All three varations were super delicious and while I am actually a huge fan of the usual coffee tiramisu, I was quite surprised that my favourite for this take was the jaffa version. (or maybe not that surprising given the chocolate content)

Coffee hazelnut tiramisu

-    this was the basic challenge recipe except I used Frangelico to flavour the zabaglione and pour onto the savoiardi. (We were meant to dip our savoiardi in a coffee/liquer mix, but I used a spoon to pour the mixture over the sponge while it was in the mould instead. Worked a treat.)

Jaffa tiramisu

This one was made using the dark chocolate pastry cream and a cointreau zabaglione. For the syrup to pour onto the sponge, I used some orange syrup leftover after making crepes suzette (orange juice, dash of lemon juice, sugar, melted butter) mixed with some Cointreau.

For the zabaglione, these were my ratios:

1 egg yolk
1½ tbsp sugar
30 ml Cointreau (well, I must have accidentally used less Cointreau but didn’t realise till after I’d cooked it when it went super thick. It worked fine anyway).

Peach and white chocolate tiramisu

This used the white chocolate pastry cream, a zabaglione flavoured with peach juice, some additional peach puree (just a peach blitzed in a blender with a dash of lemon juice and a tablespoon of sugar, then pushed through a sieve). For the syrup, I made one up with lemon juice and sugar (sorry can’t remember the ratios)

Ratios for the peach zabaglione were exactly as the Cointreau version, and I used 30ml peach juice instead.

 A spoonlicking good challenge this month!

Thanks for a wonderful challenge Deeba and Aparna, and thank you for reading ☺ Don’t forget to check out what the other Daring Bakers have done.

Ps: do come back tomorrow, I've something up my sleeve.


Ellie said...

Lovely tiramisu. Very nicely done.

3 hungry tummies said...

I really like the sound of the jaffa version too! You have outdone yourself again!

Trissa said...

Hi Shaz! So loving the way you laid all your spoons out like that. Wasn't it a great challenge? I am loving the peach and white chocolate variation. I thoroughly enjoyed it too and wasn't it great to make all the components - I really felt like I accomplished something!

Mike@scallopsandpancetta said...

All three look divine! How in the world do you make homemade mascarpone though?? I've never even considered it!

sarah @ syrupandhoney said...

oh my i COMPLETELY forgot about the challenge this month! haha. yours looks and sounds sooo yummy, i think i'll just live vicariously through you.

s said...

so many versions..and all looks superb!!!! AMAZING!!!

shaz said...

Thanks Ellie :)

Too kind 3HT!

Definitely Trissa, I felt so proud of myself, especially with the mascarpone

Thanks Mike - actually the mascarpone isn't as tricky as it sounds. Follow the link to Deeba's blog to find out how. It's basically cooking/thickening the cream then adding something acidic like lemon juice to curdle it.

Oops Sarah, I made this last weekend but it's been so busy here I alsmot forgot to post!

Thank you so much S :)

Deeba PAB said...

OMG drop dead gorgeous. Don't know which I would pick if you decided to offer me one (*WINK WINK*HINT HINT). How inventive Shaz, I am thrilled to see how far you went. How in the world did you make those interesting designed toppers? I'm much the coffee person, but the jaffamisu has caught my attention...YUM!!! Thank you for having such a tira-party!

Mary said...

Wow! You are ambitious to make 3 different zabaglionis! I was lazy and used the same one in all my variations! Raspberry Amaretto was my favourite. And the ladyfingers--fantastic! Great job!

ap269 said...

OMG, all these tiramisu versions sound extremely yummy!!!

Suzler said...

White chocolate! Now why didn't I think of that? Wow, the combination of white chocolate and peach sounds amazing. They ALL sound amazing, and your photos are beautiful.

Stella said...

Very Nice! Looks like a lot of work, and I bet that homemade cheese was delicious.

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Shaz, you did an absolutely beautiful job! And I'm with you, after I made my first batch of homemade mascarpone I swore I'd never buy it again and I haven't! :D

Y said...

Wow, you certainly embraced this challenge to the max! I especially like the sound of Jaffamisu :)

Natalie, aka "Sheltie Girl" said...

Simply gorgeous! I love the little bitty ladyfingers, they are so adorable. I made button sized ones to fit into my glasses, but there weren't any left over after I made my tiramisu glasses.

Natalie @ Gluten A Go Go

Marcellina said...

Beautiful, Shaz. I love all three flavours. You were very dedicated to this challenge! Great work! Nothing I wouldn't expect!

Aparna said...

They're absolutely gorgeous. Love all your unusual flavour combinations and those cute mini-fingers.
Thanks for baking with us.

Barbara Bakes said...

I'm so impressed you made so many different pretty versions!

shaz said...

Oh Deeba, I would love to sahre one with you anytime, no need for hinting :)

Thanks Mary - raspberries are my favourite berry so that combo sounds awesome!

Thanks ap269

Thanks for your kind words Suzler :)

It was very delicious Stella. But the whole process of making this tiramisu may look hard but it wasn't too bad.

Thanks Lorraine :)

Thanks heaps Y, jaffamisu will probably be something that gets pulled out for parties

Thanks Natalie, those were actually just bitty spots, I didn't put up a photo of the tiny fingers but they were small, and very yummy!

Thanks very much Marcellina :)

Thanks Aparna, I had a great time!

Thanks Barbara, I had to "dolly" them up a bit because the filling doesn't like to cooperate for photographs :)

grace said...

first of all, your mascarpone looks great! secondly, how ambitious of you to make three varieties, all of which sound heavenly. methinks the peach-white chocolate batch is the most appealing of all. :)

dessert girl said...

Wow, nicely done! I think I would go for the peach and white chocolate version. I love the pic with the spoons!

Lisa Michelle said...

Three gorgeous and unique tiramisus. I'm especially in love with the jaffamisu and the peach and white chocolate. Wait..that leaves just one out. I'll take them all! Beautifully done!!