Malaysian Monday 33: Sardine Sandwiches

Monday, April 19, 2010

I can see your raised eyebrows from here ok. Don’t ask me how, I just can.

Granted, they don’t sound like a very Asian dish, and sardine sandwiches just don’t have the same ring as say, a PB and Jelly sandwich. But let me tell you, if you’ve had a Malaysian childhood, you’ll know that sardine sandwiches are definitely a staple.

When I took a bite of these sarnies, I tasted nostalgia. I tasted birthday parties, camping trips, buffets, gatherings, lunches, picnics and road trips. These sandwiches are to Malaysian kids what Vegemite sandwiches are to their Aussie counterparts.

There are very few ingredients in a classic sardine sandwich. You’ll need sardines of course. But not just any sardines – they have to be the ones in tomato sauce. Then you’ll need some finely diced eschalots, finely diced chillies and a squeeze of lime juice. Mash it all together and place on buttered, white bread. Sorry, wholemeal or wholegrain bread is out of the question. It HAS to be white, soft, crustless bread. Cut into diamonds and tuck in.

Unfortunately, the rest of the family just rolled their eyes when I offered them a bite. Even my adventurous little eater MC Senior balked at the idea. “Sardines?!! In a sandwich?!!! No thanks”.

Never mind, all the more sardines for me. I even made these rolls the next morning. Get some crustless bread, flatten gently with a rolling pin, then butter and place the the sardine filling along one end. Roll it up, seal the edge with some beaten egg, then dip the whole thing in beaten egg and deep fry until golden. Serve hot with sweet chilli sauce. I actually shallow fried these babies and they didn’t have the same “blistery” egg effect as their deep-fried cousins, but they were tasty enough. I ate them up for breakfast. Yup, you read that right – breakfast ☺

Have a good week!


Hungry Dog said...

Oh, I would totally eat a sardine sandwich! I've never had one but why wouldn't they be delicious? Nice job, shaz.

Barbara said...

I don't think so, sweetie!
Even if they ARE in tomato sauce!

My mother used to serve them some way or another...I think I have blanked it out of my mind so it must have been terrible.

grace said...

regular sardine sandwiches? PASS. fried sardine tubes? i'll take it. said...

I love the idea of the sardine roll... however, I prefer sardines drenched in olive oil!

Anh said...

I like sardines (I think so). I have only used the canned sardines in puff pastry. Sandwich? No! But I'll try since I am a big fan of that salty and fish flavours.

dessert girl said...

I had no idea that sardine sandwiches were so popular! Who knew?

3 hungry tummies said...

Oh I really have been transported back to birthday parties and picnics in Malaysia :) ....and the sardine puff too :)

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

I can see how this would work with the tomato sauce :) And yes the less they want it, the more of you which is good! :D

foodwink said...

I love those sardines. Used to have them with fried eggs in Malaysia. Thanks for bringing back my childhood memories!

shaz said...

Hungry Dog - you are very brave, i salute you !

Barbara - I think if I didn't grow up with sardines, I'd hesitate too. They are quite strong.

grace - here they come :)

trissalicious- actually, I don't think I've ever had sardines with olive oil before. Hard to find fresh sardines (I'm assuming you mean fresh ones taht have been fried/grilled)

Anh - ah yes, the sardine and puff pastry combo, very deliciouos.

dessert girl - glad to share :)

3 hungry tummies - mmm...sardine puf, mmmm

Lorraine - my mum always said "less men, more share". I'm sure she made it up but it's very apt :)

foodwink - thanks for visiting foodwink :)

Heavenly Housewife said...

I've never eaten a sardine sandwich. I am not sure if I would want to LOL, but I do like them in pasta. I wish i was into sardines, they are so healthy, but what can I say, I prefer cookies. Thats why i have fat thighs.
*kisses* HH

MaryMoh said...

You are talking my language. That's my favourite...sardine puffs too. They are very delicious!!

RoseBelle said...

You had me smiling here. Sardine sandwiches sure bring back wonderful childhood memories. I used to eat it with soft french bread and a dash of soy sauce. Gonna be making this sandwich this week for sure!

Jonny Hamachi said...

Welcome to the Society!

Anonymous said...

I made some the other day as I have been craving for it for years since I left M'sia. Ate too much of it and make myself sick afterwards!(was very greedy)

It was great though, bring back some much sweet memories