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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A long time ago,
in a galaxy not too far away,
a rebel spy returned with secret plans
for the ultimate snack.

 Actually, the “spy” just bought some pretty nifty cookie cutters from Williams Sonoma.

I’d first seen them over at Dessert Girl’s blog, and I immediately earmarked them as a “must-have souvenir”. Luckily, Mr. Kitchen Hand was more than obliging on his recent trip to New York, and I was soon the proud owner of a Stormtrooper, Darth, Bobba Fett and Yoda. Question: why is there only one good guy in the pack? Is it because we feel better about eating the baddies?

Of course, I needed to test these as soon as possible. According to the recipe that came in the box, the dough makes 24 cookies. However, I like my cookies with a bit of snap,  so I made them thinner than suggested and  ended up with about 36. I won’t post the recipe because it’s very similar to a sugar cookie recipe, and I’m sure you’ll either have your own favourite version, or can find one pretty easily. For the icing, I used a royal icing powder available from cake decorating suppliers.

This is the first time I’ve used an ejector-style cookie cutter, and I have to say these are fantastic. I love how the features of the characters are really clearly marked on the cookie. However, make sure you work with very cold dough, and put them into the oven as soon as they’ve been cut out. If the dough warms up too much, the features don’t stay as sharp when baked.

The cutters worked better when dipped in flour, to prvent the dough from sticking too much. I also found it useful to have a skewer, or toothpick, and a dry pastry brush on hand to clean the cutters as I went.

As you can see, I had heaps of fun decorating the cookies.

 I used the run out technique to decorate the cookies. Using royal icing, pipe around the edges of the cookies, and any features you don't want filled in. Then thin down the royal icing until it flows well (but not too watery or it will end up looking veyr patchy) and fill the large areas in. This can be done using a piping bag (neater) or a teaspoon (lazy version). Guess which I used?

And taking photos of them.

 "You underestimate the power of the Dark Side. If you will not fight, then you will meet your destiny."

 Where's a wookie when you need one?

Eat you, I must

The MC's had a crack at decorating too:
 Stormtrooper meets Hello Kitty. (sorry, I had Yoda upside down in this shot!)

Did I mention that Mr. Kitchen Hand paid a visit to MoMA?

But we probably had the most fun eating them!

And just so you know, I'm not the only one with a Star Wars fixation :)


Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

What an amazing job you did and I love the kiddies efforts too! They're really nice and detailed cutters too! :)

chocolatesuze said...

squee i saw these cookie cutters the other day and i really gotta get my hands on some! love the detail!

Trissa said...

No way! I want that - my nephew is so into star wars - he'd love it for his next birthday. Thanks for the inspiration

Anh said...

Ha! So fun!! Love the cookie cutters!

Peabody said...

I soo bought these when they came out. I wanted the pancake molds too, but they had no Boba Fett in those. And I am all about the Boba.
Your cookies look great.

Hungry Dog said...

I love these! Very cute. I even showed them to the husband who admired the cookie-and-figurine setups. Nice job!

3 hungry tummies said...

I want some Yodas too! Love Mr. Kitchenhand's attempt, money well spent for the MoMa visit!

Ruby said...

I love this post and featured it in my 'Weekly WOW!' page this week. Hope you don't mind! :-)

shaz said...

Lorraine - thank you. They weren't as perfect as could be, but I had so much fun making them.

chocolatesuze - I'm so glad Mr. Kitchen Hand agreed to get them for me. Not sure where to find them in Oz, haven't really looked though.

Trissa - hope you find it for him!

Anh - thank you :)

Peabody - Boba? Where? Where? :) I was tempted by the pancake moulds too, but didn't think Mr. KH would carry them all home.

Hungry Dog - thanks!

3 hungry tummies - ha ha, sorry my caption was a bit ambiguous. It was actually the little MC (who is 3) who decorated it. Reminded me of a Jackson Pollock.

Ruby - thank you, VEry honoured to be featured.

♥LOVE2COOK♥ said...

Hi Shaz, hru doing??? WOW very creative dear...interesting pics! My son is having a look now...hehehe! :D

Helen (grabyourfork) said...

omg these are so awesome! i love the photoshoot with them too!

Heavenly Housewife said...

OMG, these are so cool!!! I wanted to buy these too, from William Sonoma but I talked myself out of it cause I collect way to much kitchen stuff. They look fabulous though. I am tempted to buy them again now.
*kisses* HH

grace said...

impressed with your work, i am. :)

Cristie said...

What darling cookies- and I love that you made them together! So sweet!

shaz said...

Hi Love, doing well. Glad your son likes them :)

Helen (grabyourfork) - he he, thank you.

Heavenly Housewife - well, if you buy them, then I'll buy the madeleine pan :)

grace - much thanks, I give you

Cristie - they tasted pretty good too, although I might make Darth a different colour next time - too much colouring needed to get that shade of black!

The Domestic Adventurer said...

My husband would love these! Super cool! Great photos too.

dessert girl said...

Yay! I'm so glad that you liked them. They turned out sooo great! Love the clever pics, too! :-)

shaz said...

Thanks Domestic Adventurer :)

Thank you Dessert Girl, I am SO glad I saw them just before Mr. KH headed over. Perfect timing :)

Kitchen Butterfly said...

They are gorgeous. My daughters would love the cookies - pls pack them up in a box and mail them over. I love the photos with the scenes/action heroes in the background!

shaz said...

OZ-you need to come visit, we'll bake together :)