Rediscovering Sydney.

Friday, July 30, 2010

A tenacious dandelion puffball straggles its way out of the merest smear of dirt in the footpath. I see a weed, ready to spread its seeds, and annoy gardeners everywhere.

But when MC Junior spots it, she’s thrilled. In her eyes, this puffball is magical – she blows on it and tiny little parachutes float away on the breeze. “Fairies can ride them!” She’s so pleased with herself, I forget for an instant the small act of environmental vandalism she’s just committed. There is just so much joy and excitement in her beaming face, so intense in that fleeting moment, all thanks to a little weed.

At the risk of sounding clichéd, kids really help open our eyes to the wonder all around. I see a stick, a stone, a dead leaf. They see batons, secret jewels, and boats to float in muddy puddles. When did I lose this skill?

And so we found ourselves during the recent school holidays, exploring a city we’d lived in for over a decade. Mr. KH and I had worked in the CBD at some point or other during that time, and our view of it had become limited. Familiarity had bred indifference. We saw too many drab buildings, too much noisy traffic and too many people caught in the drudgery of the everyday.

But the MC’s saw things differently. Everything we looked at was coloured by their enthusiasm.

“Look! Look! It’s the ope-pe-ra house!”
 “Oooh, a silver tree” (Roxy Paine's Neuron in front of the Museum of Contemporary Art)
Ah, the simple pleasures : raspberry tart at La Renaissance Patisserie in The Rocks. This tart tasted as good as it looked. Luscious custard and a pastry base that really tasted of butter. 

More tart
Usually, I'm wary of cakes this brightly coloured. It was also named after an artist - I forgot who, all I remember is the letter M. Matisse perhaps? But, it tasted beautiful - layers of passionfruit and raspberry mousse and airy cake.

Like this

"It's so fancy, like a palace!" (Interior of the Queen Victoria Building)

You'd be this happy too if you tasted the awesome soft pretzels from Luneburger bakery at the lower ground floor of the QVB

 Chocolates from Bon Bon in the QVB (Ground level). I LOVE the liquer cherries here, they still have the pips in them!

Market at the Rocks

As we headed home, we realised just how lucky we are to live in this splendid city.

Thanks for coming on this little trip with me. Have a great weekend! And happy exploring :)


Anh said...

How funny! I was sitting in my office in Sydney the other day thinking to go down to La Renaissance Patisserie! Love it!

Jennifurla said...

That cake....YUM

grace said...

forget rediscovering sydney--i just wanna DISCOVER it! thanks for the pictures--i guess for now i'll have to settle for some vicarious viewing. :)

Hungry Dog said...

What fun! Love the photos. Your little ones are very cute, and honestly, I don't say that very often.

Marcellina said...

Thanks Shaz! This is a great post. Sydney must be my next "port of call". Shameful, that as an Aussie, I have never been to Sydney!

shaz said...

Anh - Oh I wish I was that close so I could pop in whenever I felt like it.

Jennifurla - it really was

grace - when you do get here, I'll play tour guide :)

Hungry Dog - thank you, you are so sweet.

Marcellina - ah well. When you do make it, we can go to La Renaissance for a coffee eh? :)

Y said...

What a nice ode to Sydney. The kids look super cute. I agree - whenever my nieces are around, it's as though I'm noticing little things for the first time.

shaz said...

Thanks Y. I often find playing tour guide to visiting family/friends helps me appreciate Sydney so much more.

Simon Food Favourites said...

La Renaissance Patisserie is like the original Adriano Zumbo :-) gee we live in a such a lucky city.

shaz said...

We are definitely the lucky ones Simon!