Muhibbah Malaysian Monday Roundup No 1

Monday, August 2, 2010

Ta-ta-ta-ta-ta…if I knew how to play the trumpet, you’d be getting an actual sound recording of a fanfare right now! Excited? Moi? Oh, yes, VERY!

Why? Because, we have had some fabulous submissions to our brand-new Muhibbah Monday blog-event! Thank you so much to everyone who participated. We feel very humbled that so many highly established bloggers took the time to join us.

Without, further ado, here is the July 2010 roundup for Muhibbah Malaysian Monday No 1:

Peiying from Chit Chat Lounge submitted Penang Char Ho Fun, a tasty rice noodle dish.

Sonia from Nasi Lemak Lover produced these sweet Kueh Keria (Fried sweet potato donut)

Ann from Pigpigs Corner compiled a fantastic list of noodle eateries in the Petaling Jaya/ Kuala Lumpur area of Malaysia.

Cheah from No-Frills Recipe submitted three delicious entries:

Assam Fish Head Curry

Shark's fin melon pork ribs soup - (isn't this such an unusual melon? I'd never heard of Shark's Fin melon before, thank you Cheah!)

Curry Kapitan

Makcik Manggis from Jom masak, jom makan( let’s cook, let’s eat) made these colourful iced confections which took me straight back to childhood. She also made a special effort to write her post in English, so thank you! (she usually blogs in Bahasa Malaysia). Malaysian style popsicles

And of course, my soul(food) brother Suresh, has been with me each Monday throughout July with the following submissions.

Mee Rebus

Assam pedas/Spicy fish stew

Special duck fried rice

Fragrant coconut veal dice, a creation he invented himself :)

A very, very HUGE thank you again to everyone who submitted their entries.

Suresh from 3 Hungry Tummies will be hosting the round-up next month, so please email all entries to him at (sureshchong[at]yahoo[dot]com)

If you’d like to find out how to take part in this event, here’s the link. (Also, if you blog in a language other than English, please, please feel free to join us, we can always use Google translate!)

Have a great start to the week ☺


Jeannie said...

A very delicious round up indeed! I am drooling over here! Every dish looks good! Bravo everyone! Looking forward to the next round up.

Barbara Bakes said...

A delicious line up! But this time of night the fried sweet potato donuts are calling my name.

cikmanggis said...

Hi my dear shaz..terima kasih :)hmmm sedang fikir apa masakan untuk 2nd round muhibbah malaysian Monday ni:)

3 hungry tummies said...

Great work Shaz.. Looking forward to the next round :)

shaz said...

Jeannie - thanks! Really hope you can participate in the next round.

Barbara Bakes - they are so, so good, and very addictive, really cannot stop at one.

cikmanggis - I'm excited to see what you will do :)

3 hungry tummies- cheers!

CW said...

Great 1st roundup! I have been enjoying the MMM event!

Juliana said...

Shaz, great round-up...everything looks so yummie :-)

grace said...

an interesting and delicious collections of edibles--thanks for the introduction to some new blogs (and food). :)

rosa said...

Great event! I am seeing Malaysian food quite differently now :)

love to eat said...

Have been a fan of the tummies :) Great work with the roundup and I certainly will be trying some of the dishes!

shaz said...

Thank you CW

Cheers Juliana

No probs Grace

Glad you like it Rosa

H aha, I'm also a fan of the tummies, love to eat.

pigpigscorner said...

Lots of yummy food! Those colourful ice certainly brings back lots of memories!