Who let the monkeys in the kitchen?

Thursday, September 30, 2010

"I'm going to have to leave you," said Mr. Kitchen Hand.

"Fine, I'm taking the kids to your parents," I said.

So he left, for a business trip, on very short notice, and since it's school holidays, I've whisked the MC's down on an impromptu visit to Nana and Pop Hand.  (Sorry for freaking you out with that first sentence Mum!) :)

I had a total of one full day at home to unpack from our weekend away (which was lovely and relaxing, thank you to those who've asked), then repack for our trip down to the grandparents.

So, to keep the kids entertained while I ran around doing boring household type stuff, I got them to make Monkey Munch/ Puppy Chow (inspired by Jennifurla and Indigo) :) Monkey Munch is probably something North Americans are very familiar with, but I'd never heard of it until at a barbecue last summer. A visiting American extolled the virtues of said snack, proclaiming it far superior to the Honey Joys that were on offer. Needless to say, I was intrigued!

Finding a recipe was the easy bit, I just looked at Jennifurla's recipe.

Finding the right type of cereal was much harder. Only Mr. Kitchen hand eats cereal in our house (and he eats it for dessert at that!), so we very seldom venture down the cereal aisle. I probably purchase a box of corn flakes about once a year (to make Honey Joys for birthday parties), and the occasional mini multipack cereals to take on camping trips. So I was under the illusion that I could find Crispix easily. Alas, after hunting high and low, the only similar cereal I could find was a Coco Pops Chex, which I decided against getting (can we say chocolate overload?). Eventually, I settled for something called mini-wheats. "Low salt! High Fibre! " the package proclaimed. Well, ok then, let's add some salt and other goodies to you.

The whole process is very simple. First you measure out the cereal.

Then you melt chocolate chips, butter and peanut butter together and mix thoroughly into the cereal. I melted the chocolate mixture in a microwave safe jug, and omitted the vanilla recommended. We did the mixing in two large bowls, so the MC's could each get their own stirring job. Then I had a go at mixing the whole lot together to ensure everything was evenly coated.

Next, I tipped two (separate) half cups of icing sugar into two ziplock bags (one for each child). Popped the cereal in and they gave the bags a good shake. I probably should have sifed the sugar first, but this isn't really an aesthetically pleasing snack we're dealing with here, so it didn't really matter.

Et voila! Monkey Munch.

Junior masterchef it ain't but it kept the MC's happy, and oooh boy does it taste good! I understand the appeal and it's definitely a keeper.

Have a fabulous weekend, and I'll be posting sporadically and trying to keep up with your comments when I get a chance. (Please do excuse me if I miss a few!).

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♥LOVE2COOK♥ said...

Hi Shaz, first of all I would like to say...the gals are adorably gorgeous! Hehehe ;)

Loved the monkey munch! :D

3 hungry tummies said...

You gave me a shock too lol These looks delicious and the last photo says it all :)

Ladybird said...

The picture of the thumbs up is so sweet! Lovely :)

Jeannie said...

You have very adorable girls:D Looks like they love the munchies!

Esi said...

Your kids are so cute!! Monkey munch is a great snack for the holidays...or any time!!

Anh said...

omg your kids are super cute :)

Hungry Dog said...

Your kids are so cute! Squeezable.

I have never heard of Monkey munch/puppy chow but the name(s) make me want to eat it (strangely).

Barbara said...

What a cute idea! Never heard of it. And the kids are loving it! Kudos, Shaz!

Beth said...

The treats look great. And your kids are adorable!

Vanille said...

Your girls are so sweet Shaz !
And I like the big thumbs up ;)

pierre said...

future chefs are here !!Bravo Pierre de Paris !

shaz said...

Hi everyone, we're baaaacck! Thanks for your lovely comments and for visiting while we were away.