Malaysian Monday 56 : Milk sweet (Pal Gova)

Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Monday everyone.

Phew, I feel like I need a breather from the weekend, but alas, no rest for the wicked. *cackles and adjusts pointy hat*


Here we are again at another installment of Malaysian Monday, and after the success of the ladoo a couple of weeks ago, I wanted to try my hand at another Indian sweet. I’m actually a bit confused as to what this is called because my dad always called it Pal Gova (which I think means “milk cake”), but when I started to look it up, I discovered it’s known as Doodh Peda. Can anyone tell me what this means/ which dialect it’s in?

There are two ways to make this sweet. The easy way or the painstaking 4-hours-of-continuous stirring way. Guess which I chose?

The easy method called for a substance known as khoya, and the closest replacement seems to be powdered milk. This almost put me off completely because I really dislike powdered milk. It’s a residual childhood memory thing. Because our diets weren’t exactly dairy-heavy, Mum was quite conscious about making sure we got enough calcium, so she made us drink a glass of milk every day. Although we did have access to fresh local milk, both my brother and I absolutely hated the smell of the stuff, so we got powdered milk instead. It smelt only marginally better.

I wouldn’t have made this dessert if the other ingredient hadn’t been condensed milk. I love condensed milk. Enough said.

So I looked at lots of recipes and picked this one to adapt. The resulting sweets looked like the shop-bought ones, but the texture was slightly chewier. I’m assuming that they dry out more if stored for a couple of days.The flavour is mild and very milky as expected. MC Junior loved it, MC Senior hated it and Mr. Kitchen Hand was indifferent. I think this is one for the "acquired-taste" bag.

Thanks for reading and have a great start to the week. If you’d like to join 3 Hungry Tummies and I for Muhibbah Malaysian Monday, please send your entries in to me at its(dot)sharon(at)gmail(dot)com before the end of the week. I’ll be posting the round up of delicious entries next week.

Mini sweets - in mini patty pans

Indian Milk Sweet (Doodh Peda)
2 cups powdered milk (I measured this in my measuring jug where 2 cups was roughly 250ml)
1 can condensed milk (395g)
ground cardamom seeds (I used seeds from 3 pods)
40 g butter, melted and slightly cooled.

Sift the powdered milk into a large microwave safe bowl. Add the condensed milk , ground cardamom and butter and stir to mix. The mixture was very heavy so I ended up beating it with hand-beaters. It worked like a charm :)

Place the mixture (it will be very stiff and thick) in the microwave and give it a quick blast on high. All microwave ovens are different, I did this part for about 40 seconds. Remove and stir well ( I used beaters again). Place in microwave and cook for another minute or so. Remove mixture and do a quick taste. If it still tastes “raw”, give it another zap. Repeat the mixing and tasting. Give it one final zap if needed. Don’t over do it.

While the mixture is still warm, roll into walnut sized balls and flatten with your hand (I use the side of my hand, close to the palm). Arrange on some baking paper and leave to set in the fridge.



Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

A very interesting recipe! Those sweets must taste divine.



Jeannie said...

Looks creamy and delicious but would it be too sweet? I hv a few cans of condensed creamer in my pantry. Will that do?

♥LOVE2COOK♥ said...

Palkova is my fav sweet! Tried making it once, and gave up, hehehe! Will just buy it from shop since then. U made it look so simple! :D

babe_kl said...

I like this and this is sooo easy!

Torviewtoronto said...

oh my favourite sweet looks fabulous

3 hungry tummies said...

Another of my favourite Indian sweets! Doodh is Hindi for milk :)

shaz said...

Rosa's Yummy Yums - I like the taste, but it's probably not for anyone who doens't like milk!

Jeannie - it's actually not very sweet at all because the condensed milk is balanced out by the milk powder. Not sure if creamer would work, is it low fat? Sometimes the low-fat stuff doesn't behave the same way as the full fat stuff.

♥LOVE2COOK♥ - he he, if I had to do it the proper way, I'd give up too!

babe_kl - I was surprised how easy it was

Torviewtoronto - thank you.

3 hungry tummies - ah, that explains it. I was guessing it was Hindi. Thanks, you are so multilingual :)

grace said...

what perfectly-shaped little discs! i'm pretty intrigued by this, shaz--it's new to me in every way.