Raspberry dreaming and a night out on the town.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Not too long ago, I received an email invitation to something a bit swanky. After much checking to make sure that the PR person had actually addressed the missive to little ole’ moi, I started panicking a little. Why? The dress code said “beach chic”, and seriously friends, the words “chic” and “shaz” don’t really go together.

But I am nothing if not curious, and the lure to check out one of Sydney’s happening nightspots proved too great.  So I hit the local op-shops, pulled together a passable outfit and squired Mr. Kitchen Hand off to Zeta Bar’s 5th birthday bash.

 Which is where I encountered the Raspberry Mule. Well, two of them in fact. We were greeted at the door by a deconstructed version first - a cube of raspberry and vodka jelly, served on a spoon with a dusting of sherbert and a sliver of lime.  Your royal gaucheness then spent ages trying to work out what to do with the resulting piece of lime-peel left in her cheek. I wasn’t desperate enough to swallow it, but spitting it into my hand and carrying it around all evening wasn’t that a-peeling either. (Oh ha ha ha, I kill me!).

Who's ready to party?

I did eventually get rid of the peel, just in the nick of time because the finger food started making the rounds. Of course I don’t have any photos of the food, I was busy eating wasn’t I? A couple of other more civilised bloggers have done a round-up of the repast on the night, and you can check out their posts here and here. My favourites were the mini-hamburgers and the fried ravioli thingies.

Light projections behind the bar

The place was packed and heaving by this stage, then out of the corner of my eye, I spied candy floss! By the time I got to the candy floss machine, it was refusing to spit out any more floss. Oh the disappointment! It was supposed to be Chandon flavoured candy floss too.  Never mind, we scored a comfy position on a discreetly tucked away sofa so we could people-watch. I’d read some reviews of Zeta before hand and it was mentioned that this is where the “beautiful people” hang out. Mmm, hmm...certainly lots of eye-candy doing their air-kissing rounds.

Eye-candy :) (Models who helped set the tone for the beach-chic soiree)

Then I spotted candy floss again! But again disappointment struck thanks to the cantankerous machine.

Ah well, I grabbed a drink instead, which turned out to be the Raspberry Mule I mentioned before. Hello! Where have you been all my life? (I don’t get out much as you’ve probably gathered by now). Mr. Kitchen Hand pronounced it too girly, so it was mine, all mine to finish up.

And as luck would have it, I saw candy floss again, sent Mr. Kitchen Hand off to get me some and third time’s the charm, he returned triumphant. Unfortunately I couldn’t taste any  Chandon-ness in it, but who cares, it was sugary and I was happy.

Now a week a half later, I’m even happier because I’ve just blitzed together a non-alcoholic version of the Raspberry Mule to enjoy in the sunshine. :)

Have a great weekend everyone!

Non-alcoholic rapberry mule-like drink
1/4 cup sugar syrup (I made a very simple version by dissolving 1/4 cup caster sugar in 1/2 cup boiling water. Let the resulting syrup cool before using)
1 cup frozen raspberries
Juice of 1 lime
Ginger beer to taste.

Blitz the syrup, raspberries and lime juice in a blender. Strain through a sieve into a jug or serving glasses. Top up with cold ginger beer.

Add a splash of vodka for the adults.

(If you want to know how to make a proper raspberry mule, I’m sure Google can help you :))


Fiona said...

Very funny! I'm sure you looked fab too...those dos are always better with a) alcohol and b)fairy floss ;)

Barbara said...

Still smiling over the peel in your hand! But aside from that, the deconstructed raspberry mule sounds good!
And the eye candy is even better. :)

Indie.Tea said...

The peel situation is soooo like a situation I'd end up in (like what do you with the pits of olives when served an antipasto plate?). But the party still sounds like an interesting experience. And the drink sounds just plain good.

Pierre said...

are you sure there was no alcohool !!
love rapsberry my favourite fruit wne this is the season !!

Marcellina said...

Hilarious, Shaz! I love the way you write. I don't know your voice but I can just imagine you talking to me! This sounds like a fun night! Great Raspberry Mule, too!

chocolatesuze said...

i was so jealous at missing out on the chandon fairy floss too!

Heavenly Housewife said...

I think every girl needs a chance to get glam once in a while, even if its out of her comfort zone... and even if you are only there for the food (like me LOL).
Your drink looks delicious daaaaaaahling, I'll gladly share some with u.
*kisses* HH

grace said...

i'm sure we all desire to drink something called a mule... :)
seriously, i like raspberry and lime together, and the ginger beer is an interesting addition. good times. :)

shaz said...

Fiona - very true ;)

Barbara - glad you liked the candy :)

Indie.Tea - I know! Some food is just made to booby trap social situations

Pierre - no alcohol, it's the truth.

Marcellina - thanks dear :) I pretty much talk the way I write although I tend to be a bit shy/ reserved when I speak to people I don't really know well (amazing but true :P)

chocolatesuze - were you there? I missed out on meeting you!

Heavenly Housewife - I must admit, I did enjoy the frocking up a little bit.

grace - very good times indeed.