Malaysian Monday 62: Butter Prawns with egg floss

Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy Monday everyone.

Apologies for the slack blog updating, we’re still operating in school holiday mode. Plus, we’ve had the added time-drain of having to pack up and completely empty the MC’s bedroom of furniture over the weekend. Long story short, we had a leak in that bedroom, and now it’s fixed, but the carpet and the walls were torn up and cut into. The very kind builders are now repainting and laying new carpet in there, so we’re trying to keep out of their way.

Luckily, I had prepared today’s Malaysian Monday offering sometime last week. It’s a restaurant dish I’d been craving for a very long time but didn’t think it was something I could replicate at home. But finally, I plucked up the courage and armed myself with a very good recipe from my cyber-friend Makcik Manggis (Aunty Mangosteen).

Apart from almost setting fire to a plate of prawns, the actual cooking process was pretty uneventful and not too difficult. However you will definitely need a wok for this because I don’t think a frying pan will hold enough oil for the egg floss, nor provide the right kind of heat for the actual cooking of the prawns.  My egg floss wasn’t quite as delicate or crisp as the restaurant version (because I didn’t use enough oil), but the overall result tasted pretty spot-on. Mr Kitchen Hand, who isn’t really a seafood kind of guy, makes an exception for butter prawns, and he declared them just as he remembered.

Careful of kitchen paper overhang when approaching gas burner and wok. Mr Kitchen Hand was urging me to toss the whole plate into the sink but no way was I losing the prawns! Luckily, I grabbed a damp tea towel and disaster was averted.

I’ll definitely be cooking this again, but only for special occasions (who wants to come around for dinner?) rather than an everyday dish because 4 egg yolks and half a kilogramme of prawns is rather extravagant for just the two of us :). We did save half of the prawns for lunch the next day and they came up surprisingly good after re-heating in the microwave. The egg floss did get soggy, but the taste was probably even better than the night before. I would also cook this outside on my barbeque, which has a wok ring on it, because the smell of cooked prawns and oil does linger a bit.

Thank you to all of you who’ve sent in entries for our Muhibbah Malaysian Monday #7, and a huge welcome to the newcomers. If you’d like to take part, there is still plenty of time, I will be hosting the round-up on the first Monday in February, so send your links to its(dot)sharon(at)gmail(dot)com. You can find out a little more about the event here, and I trust you  have “met” my wonderful co-host Suresh from 3 Hungry Tummies.

Have a great week, now I’d better hurry up and finish my Mactweet entry and my Daring Bakers challenge, busy, busy, busy. Of course I’ll give you the butter prawns recipe before I go :)

Usually I don’t repost recipes if they are already written out on another blog, but for the benefit of my non-Malay speaking readers, I’ve translated the recipe into English. I’ll give you the measurements that Makcik Manggis used, but I actually didn’t measure out the oil and butter, I just eyeballed them. I really liked that this recipe didn’t actually use too much butter and still tasted fantastic.

Butter prawns with egg floss
(translated and adapted from Makcik Manggis)
Prepare all your ingredients before hand and have them ready to go, because once you start, you can’t really stop to hunt for missing ingredients. Make the egg floss first, keep warm, then cook the prawns.

For the egg floss:
4 egg yolks
2 tbsp butter
1/2 cup vegetable oil (I just eyeballed this measurement)

Prepare a plate lined with kitchen paper to drain the egg floss.

Heat the butter and the oil in a wok until hot (but not smoking). Carefully drizzle the beaten egg yolks into the hot oil, in a thin stream. When the eggs hit the oil, you need to stir it around so they don’t clump together. We’re aiming for fine strands here.

Cook until the egg floss is golden - this happens quite quickly, watch and don’t let it burn. Stir continuously.

My egg floss foamed quite dramatically so if you are trying to do this without a wok, make sure your frying pan has high sides, or do it in batches.

Remove the egg floss and drain on kitchen paper, set aside to keep warm, try not to think about cholesterol levels.

For the prawns
500g raw prawns - devein but leave the head and shells on
enough oil and a little butter for frying the prawns - Makcik Manggis used 3  tbsp butter and 2 cups of vegetable oil, but I didn’t need this much for the prawns because I did them in batches.

Prepare another kitchen paper lined plate.

I reused the wok after frying the eggs, I just drained the oil and wiped it clean. Heat the oil and fry the prawns in batches until just cooked or done to your liking. My tastebuds have changed since moving to Oz, and now I like my prawns just done/ cooked through. Malaysians tend to cook the prawns very well, and it will have a slightly tougher texture this way. Either way is equally delicious in my book.

The final step
 2 stalks fresh curry leaf
1/2 tsp butter (I added a touch of vegetable oil as well to stop it from browning and burning too quickly)
water if needed
2 small red birds eye chillies (cili api) - Makcik Manggis used 6 but I’m not that brave :)
3- 4  tbsp evaporated milk - I just eyeballed this too. I don’t think fresh milk will work, I think it would “split”.
1 tbsp caster sugar/ table sugar.
salt to taste.

Clean the wok thoroughly then heat the butter and oil. Toss in the curry leaf and chillies and stir until fragrant, add a dash of water if necessary - I didn’t need to. Add the milk, it will bubble and start to catch. Reduce heat if necessary and stir well. The milk should have started to reduce quickly, so add in the prawns and give it a good stir to coat in the sauce. Then add in the egg floss, give it a good stir, sprinkle with sugar and salt to taste then dish up.

Serve with rice and a quick stir-fried leafy green. Huge yum!


♥LOVE2COOK♥ said...

Butter prawn is my Hubby's fav. I loved the egg floss!!! :D

Dish looks yummy!!!

chocolatesuze said...

who wants to come over? is that a rhetorical question cos pick me pick me! i want butter prawns!

MaryMoh said... favourite dish. I need a big plate! :D

pixelhazard said...

Wow that sounds soooo bad for you...tasty things are often bad for you

Bright Green Laces

Charmaine said...

Totally heart butter prawns. Might try this for CNY - 'har' meaning plenty of laughter and happiness for the year of the rabbit.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

I love this dish. I have been meaning to cook this dish for years but forgotten about it since living in OZ. Thanks, now have to buy some prawn. You got a really good bargain with the $10 arch from Bunnings. Sometimes I take a look but it was out of my budget like more than $50 like that.

Juliana said...

Shaz, I never had egg floss, it sure looks great with the prawns...what a beautiful dish. Like the idea of lots of tasty :-)

ICook4Fun said...

I love prawns cook this way but I can never get the egg floss right. They normally will clump up together.

shaz said...

♥LOVE2COOK♥ - that's my favourite part too.

chocolatesuze - ok, you're picked.

MaryMoh - one of my favourites too.

pixelhazard - tried not to think too hard about it when I was eating, he he.

Charmaine - oh, I didn't know that Ah, another excues to cook some again then, yes!

Malay-Kadazan girl - hope it works out well. I was very lucky with my arch, I think it was the last one there and the box had been damaged. I din't care about the box :)

Juliana - it is so super yummy, and very addictive. Can't really stop at one prawn.

ICook4Fun - I found it quite tricky too, because when the oil is too cold it clumps but too hot and it will burn. Also needs a lot of oil for the egg and I don't really like using too much oil. It still came out quite well, but the restaurant ones are much finer - they must use a LOT of oil.

grace said...

prawns is a much better word than shrimp. do you think folks around my neck of the woods would think me odd if i started using ya'lls word for the suckers? :)

Anonymous said...

How do we know if the egg floss turns out to be a success?? Does the egg floss fill soft or crunchy??

shaz said...

Grace - shrimp does sound kinda "shrimpy" :)

Anonymous - it's kind of a cross between the two, not crunchy but not too soft. It's a bit brittle, slightly crisp, and if done well, it should be quite fine. Imagine if you deep fried some candy floss (wow, I wonder if you could do that!) - that's probably as close as I can get to describe the texture.

cikmanggis said...

hai shaz..apa khabar?macamana makcik terlepas pandang n3 ini...terima kasih kerana sudi mencuba resepi dari dapur makcikmanggis.Gembira sangat:)

shaz said...

Terima Kasih CM, sedap sangat :)