Malaysian Monday 63: Pandan Chiffon Cake (attempt number one)

Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy Monday everyone.

Chiffon cake doesn’t sound particularly Malaysian does it? In fact, when I leafed through my Cake Bible, I discovered that the chiffon cake was created by a Californian named Harry Baker, in 1927.

But pandan (screwpine) flavoured chiffon cake is definitely a Malaysian bakery staple, and one of the earliest cakes I remember eating. The airy light texture probably goes down well in the tropical heat. It certainly feels tropical at the moment, we’re sweltering today! It looks like temperatures in the high 30’s will be here all week too (that’s about 90 degrees and climbing for you Fahrenheiters).

Enough about the weather, back to my attempt at chiffon cake. I say attempt because I’m quite undecided about the end result. I probably wouldn’t have posted this if I had something else up my sleeve, but it's the first day of school, and I got nothin’ I tell ya, nothin’.

Actually, the overall texture is ethereal, and when I opened the container the cake was stored in, a waft of gorgeous pandan aroma hit me, so no complaints there. But I think the recipe didn’t have enough flour or sugar in it. When I tasted a little bit of the cake as it first came out of the oven, I thought it was very bland, but like a lot of cakes, the flavour developed after standing (overnight in this case). To my tastebuds, it’s still not quite sweet enough. Also, it’s a little “eggy” which I don’t mind too much but it is noticeable.

Also, I didn’t have a “proper” chiffon cake pan, which is taller than the one I used, but this wasn’t really an issue.

Still, even though the cake isn’t as sweet as I would have liked, MC Junior and I are actually enjoying it a lot. “Like eating clouds,” she said.  Plus I’m telling myself it’s relatively healthy too (one can dream right?). MC Senior however, ate some, but rejected a second helping saying it “tastes like omelette.”

The recipe came from one of mum's notebooks. While I was looking, I found this book that I'd made for her to copy recipes down in. Can't remember how old I was, but I used an exercise book and stuck on photos I'd cut out of the newspaper.

I’ll definitely try this one again and tweak the recipe to see if I can get it perfect. I probably should have looked at the Cake Bible before I made the cake rather than after!

Anyway, I’ll tell you my ingredient list just in case anyone can figure out exactly what needs changing.

3 tbsp sugar (I’d already increased this from the original 2 1/2)
3 tablespoons SR flour (I used leftover home made cake flour, from the Daring Bakers challenge, and added baking powder)
2 tablespoons vegetable oil (I used sunflower)
4 tablespoons thick coconut milk (infused with chopped pandan leaves)
about 6 or 7 frozen pandan leaves (probably need less if they are fresh) - the leaves are meant to be pounded and the juice extracted, but I still haven’t gotten around to replacing my broken mortar and pestle, so I choppped the leaves finely and infused them in slightly warmed coconut milk)
6 eggs separated
(the recipe also calls for cream of tartar but I didn’t have any)

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And before I go, I’d like to send a wish out to all my friends who will be celebrating the lunar new year.  “Gong Xi Fa Cai!” , may you have a very happy and prosperous new year ahead.


Malay-Kadazan girl said...

I like all food that has pandan flavour. I wish I can grow pandan here so we can harvest them fresh. Cook for nasi lemak and all kinds of kuih.An Indonesion friend bake us this cake for last Raya. I wish I can trade my tomatoes or cucumber for a slice of your home-made cake;-).

Heavenly Housewife said...

I'd really like to try making a chiffon cake one of these days, they really do have the most beautiful texture! I love your twist on a classic :D
*kisses* HH

Jen (Tastes of Home) said...

I love pandan chiffon cake and it is def a taste of home for me, the texture on yours look YUM. What a cute recipe book you made for your mom..hehe I still remember those exercise bookd :D

cikmanggis said...

makcikmanggis's fvrt cake.Bila nampak buku resepi tu terkenang kan my recipe book yang hampir sama rupanya.Mungkin satu hari nanti makcik akan pass kan pada anak anak perempuan yg minat masakan:)

♥LOVE2COOK♥ said...

Pandan chiffon cake...yummy yummy! I loved this ;)

Lisa said...

shaz..I have been coveting all things pandan since I started blogging. Where can I have find these 'elusive' leaves that produce such lovely cakes all over the blogospehere? Yours is no exception, I wish I could grab it off your page and take a bite! Such wonderful fluff and lightness!

msihua said...

Love it! Pandan cake always reminds me of Msia.. so well done! Love the recipe books.. sooo sweet :)

Megan @ FeastingonArt said...

The recipe book you made for your mum is so cute and I am loving the colour of that cake!

kirbie said...

I love making pandan chiffon cakes. I've never seen one a recipe with so little flour though! I've had a lot of success with this recipe
Recently I found another chiffon recipe, haven't tried pandan version, but I love the texture of the cake

Barbara said...

Well, the texture looks nice, Shaz. Adding sweet won't be a problem, so the next time you make it you will have it down pat.

I love the booklet you made for your mom...these things are to be treasured!

Juliana said...

Shaz, I love chiffon cakes, but never had pandan one...yours look so light and fluffy...delicious :-)

grace said...

i can tell just by looking at your cake that it'd be like eating clouds--what a tremendous fluff!

Marine Loves Papi... said...

This is my ultimate favorite Asian cake! I love eating this cake with a glass of milk with a teaspoon of condensed milk stirred through mmmmm.

Jasnas' kitchen creations said...

Lovely blog

'another Sydney based blogger'

shaz said...

Thank you everyone and thanks for the tip Kirbie.

Hungry Dog said...

This looks and sounds great. I don't mind an eggy cake, especially one that tastes like eating clouds. :) Enjoy the hot weather, shaz!

shaz said...

Thanks HD, not sure enjoying is quite the right word :)

Angie Lives to Eat (and Cook)! said...

Happy New Year! The chiffon is something I love to eat but havn't actually had in a long long time, mum used to always buy a loaf for home. I'm going to attempt to make my own chiffon, one day. =)

shaz said...

Thanks Angie :)