Uninvited guests and Monsters

Thursday, January 13, 2011

This could have been a post about how my most recent cookbook purchase was completely influenced by food bloggers. It may come as a surprise to you but I don’t purchase cookbooks very often (food magazines are another story altogether). Mostly I get cookbooks as gifts, or in this case, a book voucher for my birthday. Thanks to Dessert Girl and Hungry Dog, I decided to snap up a copy of Baked: New Frontiers in Baking when I saw it at Borders.

But this will not be such a post.

This could have been a post about how much I loved the Monster Cookies from the book, and how I agonised about whether to post the recipe here on my blog. I did only make 3/5 of it and painstakingly converted all the measurements to metric (thanks to this site), but I didn’t think that counted as “adapting a recipe”. Posts like this one scared me, even though I wasn’t going to try and claim the Monster Cookie recipe as my own. I would be utterly mortified if I unintentionally committed the major food-blogging faux pas of not attributing recipes properly.

But this will not be such a post.

This could have been a post about how much I love peanut butter and M&Ms and how the Monster Cookie is probably the most awesomest cookie I have ever made because it contains both those ingredients. Actually it also contains oats and chocolate chips, making it a super-hybrid oatmeal, choc-chip, peanut cookie.

But this will not be such a post.

And this will not even be a post about why I have suddenly started calling biscuits/ biccies “cookies” instead. (Blame it on Sesame Street).

This post is about a Possum.

A very determined possum who made it his mission to eat as many Monster Cookies as he could when our backs were turned.

Actually, my back wasn’t even at home at the time. See, I had left a tray of cookies cooling in the kitchen, then dashed out the door for a girls night out.

Mr. Kitchen Hand’s back was having a bath (tmi? sorry), which is when the possum struck. It snuck into the kitchen, knocked over a bread bin and climbed onto the kitchen counter.

When Mr. Kitchen Hand decided to investigate the crash, he found the cheeky possum happily helping itself to as many Monster Cookies as possible. They stared at each other for a moment, then the possum nonchalantly went back to eating the cookie in its hand! It only ran away when yelled at.

But it didn’t stay away for long!

Twenty minutes later, when Mr. Kitchen Hand was watching television, our dear possum friend snuck back in and started wrestling with a clear container holding some cookies I’d made and put away earlier in the day.

This time, Mr Kitchen Hand had to wave a broom at it to get it to leave.

After I got home from dinner and had a laugh at the story,  I put it out of my mind and started checking email. Imagine my surprise when I heard a thumping on the glass sliding doors (which were now shut tight). Looking up, I saw the possum, up on two legs, flattened against the glass, like a kid with its nose pressed against a bakery window!

I tried to take a photo and this is the best I could do, but at least it shows you we didn’t dream it all up.

Monster Cookies, endorsed by possums everywhere!

And mini-critics.


lora said...

See? your mad baking skillz are revered by mammals everywhere! Possum story is hilarious! You have your very own cookie monster. The cookies look decadent and deeelish.

Jennifurla said...

OMG OMG, LOL@ I am so happy you got a picture. Time to post it around town. One time I didnt have my contacts in and opened my front door to let in what I thought was my cat....I kneeled down closer sinc the creature wasn;t moving...it was 3 skUnks!

Beth said...

What a great story! It just shows that NOBODY could pass up those cookies. Sounds like that one is a keeper!

chocolatesuze said...

HAHAHA i totes thought you were nicknaming yours kids till you actually posted a pic! nawww so cute those cookies sounds delish i heart pb and m&ms!

Anh said...

Haha I remember reading about the possum’s story on twitter! I encountered a similar situation once, and the possum ate all of my basils! :D
And I got that very cookbook as well. Very nice and inspiring isn’t it?

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

LOL. A possum addicted to your monster cookies. LOL.

Cheah said...

Hey, the possum can't help coming for more. Your cookies must be very addictive.

Hungry Dog said...

Um, this might be my favorite blog post EVER! I had to laugh reading this, and all the while kept hoping you'd gotten a picture somewhere throughout the crazy caper. So glad you did! Well, I guess the cookies were a big hit. Better keep your doors locked!

grace said...

shaz. that is NOT what our possums look like! yours is actually kinda cute, but ours are hideous! regardless, it doesn't belong anywhere near your bread bin. what a story!

Vanille said...

Hehe ! Reminds me actually when we were in a rented home on vacation and we experienced an encounter with a possum too. While we were asleep, at night, the possum came and scratched the window-door direcly in front of the bed. I was so frighten by the noise and even more by discovering this weird animal ! lol !
Yours was a tricky and greedy one it seems, but after all he know what is the good stuff ;)

Indie.Tea said...

Your possum looks less - odd - than the ones I've seen (which look like giant, long-nosed rats).
I got the 'Baked' book, I didn't actually like it personally, too much corn syrup and shortening, :(

shaz said...

lora - ha ha, I hope he doesn't tell his friends! One possum we cab deal with, two or three, I'm not so sure.

Jennifurla - not one but 3? Wow, that would be a shock!

Beth - definitely a keeper :)

chocolatesuze - the kids were very disappointed they didn't get to see the possum.

Anh - I do love the cookbook, I got it partly for the recipes, but also partly for the design. I'm a sucker for nice design.

Malay-Kadazan girl - addicted is definitely the word!

Cheah - I thinkso. Actually we couldn't stop eating them either.

Hungry Dog - we are now on possum alert :)

grace - they do actually look very cute but they can be real pests.

Vanille- he he, at least in NZ you can make hats out of them right? ;P

pierre said...

tht's so funny !! never seen one in real !!Pierre

Heavenly Housewife said...

OMG, bad possum, bad! And check that out, you even caught a pick of him! If a possum came and ate my delicious biccies (they use that word a lot here in the UK), I think I'd eat him. Not cause I like possums, just cause he would have to be taught a lesson. His act of cookie thieving would just have burned me up. Yep, it would be possum burgers for dinner for the next week (enriched with delicious monster cookies).

Julia @Mélanger said...

Wow, I'm impressed that you don't buy cookbooks at the drop of a hat. I wish I didn't sometimes. Would be so much richer! I don't actually have this particular one, but have seen many great recipes from it. Love the selection you have shown here!

Ellie (Almost Bourdain) said...

Love this post :) Heard a lot of good reviews about this book..... tempted to get a copy.

shaz said...

Indie.Tea - Odd? How odd? Actually that's interesting you thought that about the book.Those two ingredients are very hard to find in Oz, so I always sub them anyway. I usually use glucose syrup or golden syrup instead of corn syrup, depending on the recipe. And I just use butter instead of shortening. Seems to work fine so far. I'm sure there are textural differences, but I haven't noticed.

pierre - come visit Sydney, you can see lots!

HH - you'd get into lots of trouble :) Possums are a protected species so I can't even kick it a little bit just to show who's boss ;P

Julia - I need lots of time to make a decision before I buy something "big" like a cookbook. Also, don't have the space to store too many books, so that helps slow me down :)

Ellie - I like it, partly because of the recipes, but partly because I like fun and quirky and this is a little bit of both.

dessert girl said...

I love this post!! 1) I'm so glad that you, and the possum, liked the cookbook! 2) The story is the best! When I was a kid, a squirrel broke into our house and ate some coffee cake that was sitting on the counter, so I can relate. I'm totally posting this on the Baked Facebook page.

Oh, and just an FYI. Back when I first starting blogging, I asked the guys at Baked if it was okay to post their recipes, and they said yes. Also, I agree about the shortening. I always use butter, instead.

shaz said...

hi dessert girl, thanks that's great to hear (about the recipe)! This post is actually already on the Facebook page because I thought it was so funny, I actually emailed the guys at Baked and they've posted it :) Glad to know I'm not the only one hounded by furry critters for food.