Love conquers...

Friday, February 25, 2011


Mactweets time again, and a pattern repeats itself,  Deadline today? Start making macarons today. Which explains the night time photos.

I’m not sure if it’s the weather, or busyness or just a general feeling of blahness, but my desire to cook, bake and blog has taken a drastic downward spiral of late.

Sure, we’ve had to eat, but I’ve been relying on old favourites, or spur of the moment creations, none of which I’d photographed.

As for writing, it seems frivolous to write an upbeat happy post about baking, when so much of the world is in anguish.

But baking is what I did, 3 dozen cupcakes for Mr. Kitchen Hand to take to a work function. It seemed to be the “unbalanced force”* I needed to pull me out of the “state of rest” I’d fallen into.

Three different flavoured cupcakes: chocolate with whipped chocolate ganache, lemon poppyseed with cream cheese frosting, and green tea cupcakes with black sesame and white chocolate icing) I had leftover icing, so made green tea macarons to fill. Love the combo, but need to tweak the icing, it's a bit too sweet still).

I’d forgotten how peaceful time spent in the kitchen could be. A chance to switch off the brain and concentrate on the task at hand. I’ve fallen in love all over again. With blogging, and baking and cupcakes and macarons.

Green tea macarons  (I used the ratios I mentioned in last month's macaron post, and added 2 scant tablespoons green tea powder.) .

Have a safe and happy weekend wherever you are. (The Red Cross has set up an NZ Quake appeal for anyone who'd like to help)

Two halves make a whole (terrible pic, hope to upload better one tomorrow) (Not sure that my daytime pics are any better, oh dear)


Barbara Bakes said...

"switch off the brain and concentrate on the task at hand." I love the way you put it. I think that's way I love to bake. Fun idea!

Hungry Dog said...

Mr. Kitchen Hand (and his coworkers!) sure are lucky. Those cupcakes are fabulous, not only do they sound delicious but I love the little wrappers. And, I can totally relate to the ebb and flow of your interest in cooking/baking. I have weeks go by when I don't make a new recipe. But the kitchen love always returns eventually! I'm hoping to get some peaceful time in the kitchen myself this weekend. Have a good one, shaz!

Lora said...

So creative to do heart halves that become whole. Love it.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

People who attended the work function with Mr. Kitchen Hand is so LUCKY!

Jamie said...

Oooh I want the cupcakes! Lucky office people! And the green tea macs are adorable! I love them! And how I need to get out of the hole in the ground and start baking again. Still have MY February macs to make!

grace said...

your cupcake flavors are stellar--white chocolate frosting? be still my heart! i seem to be suffering from the blahs as well--here's hoping we break free! :)

tina_bakes said...

two halves make a whole..oh how romantic!!

i happen to suffer from baker's block (for lack of a better description) sometimes too!! glad you're 'in love' again, for our benefit!! :)

have a wonderful week ahead!

hicookery said...

Green tea macarons are actually tasty (I made them, too). Making macarons are a labor of love! Your cupcakes look delicious as well.