Where’s my head at?

Friday, June 3, 2011

Hi folks,

How was your week?

Mine felt like it rushed by, and it was spent doing things like this:

When you get to that fork in the road...

Mr. Kitchen Hand had requested a cake to farewell two colleagues going in different directions. This is a sign for a nun crossing (inside joke, too long to explain, not all that funny).

And this side for the lady going on maternity leave.

Some time was also spent trying to sort and archive photos, which is when I found photos of this:

Made for a dear friend (guess what she works as?), back in March.

Did you know this is called a sphygmomanometer?

To make "bandages", roll the fondant icing flat, cut out pieces, then press onto a clean piece of muslin to get the fabric look. The "pills" were cut using the small end of an icing tip, then pressed in the middle with a knife edge.

Then I tried to spend some time in the garden.

It’s been so, so wet, a whole plethora of mushrooms have decided to make themselves comfortable. Anyone know what these are called and more importantly, are they edible? Don’t worry, I promise not to try to eat anything until I’ve double triple quadruple checked to make sure they’re not deadly/ poisonous!


To top it all off, we just booked ourselves a much anticipated holiday to NYC!  We’re not going for a while yet, but we are so excited at the prospect it’s been highly distracting. Spare moments on the computer have been spent googling for places to stay, visit, and eat at. If you have any suggestions, please, please send them to me :)

So, pardon the lack of any real baking/ blogging, my brain has been rather preoccupied. Hopefully things will return to normal next week. Remember that the Muhibbah Malaysian Monday round-up will be posted some time on Monday, so do stop by to visit if you can :)

Have a great weekend!


Lora said...

Those cake are fabulous! I love both of them. Great fondant work.

As for NYC - Eataly, economy candy, momofuku milk bar, doughnut plant, John's Pizza on Bleecker Street. For a really fancy romantic special evening One if By Land Two if By Sea restaurant in old Greenwich Village townhouse. It's haunted.

Baking supplies - NY Cake and Baking Supplies. There is also a Michael"s uptown.

Other non food activities of course depend on what you like to do and what time of year you will be visiting and if you have been before. The UN Tour is surprisingly interesting, Intrepid aircraft carrier tour also interesting. If you want half price Broadway tix, go to the TKTS booth down at South St. Seaport the day of, not the one in Times Square. The line is much shorter downtown.

Email me if you want more specific suggestions. It's my hometown.

shaz said...

Thanks for the fab suggestions Lora, esp the baking ware recommendations :)

muppy said...

That cake looks fantastic, a clever idea.

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Ooh so much excitement in one post Shaz! Firstly those cakes are AMAZING! And secondly NYC! :O How brilliant!

Anonymous said...

Great looking cakes. You're very skilled (and busy). I enjoy reading your blog, especially the Malaysian Mondays. Keep up the good work.

cikmanggis said...

cantikkkknya kek tu:)...selalu berangan-angan nak hias kek seperti ini tapi selalunya gagal..tangan kayu:(

Hungry Dog said...

Shaz! How exciting about your upcoming trip to NYC! I wish I had some recommendations...I've been there a few times but not in a long time. However I am headed to New Jersey next week and will hopefully spend at least one day in the city so will be sure to pass on any recs I collect.

Beth said...

I love your cakes - fork in the road? Too cute. And I'm really hoping you'll share that nun joke with us sometime.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Your cake design is always awesome. We have some mushroom to popping around the garden.

Barbara said...

You are an amazing baker, Shaz. And cake decorator! I wish I could do fondant the way you do. I have no talent!

Lisa said...

shaz, that is a beautiful cake! I think I've used fondant to cover a cake just once, and OY, don't even get me started lol

As for NYC, I echo Lora and please email me if you want or need any recommendations! :)

Von said...

Wow....your cakes look so good! I love the bandages on the second cake!! :D I always wonder if mushrooms which grow in the grass are edible....

Karen said...

Shaz, your cakes are incredible!! I can't believe how fabulous they look. Oh, and a vacation to NYC sounds soooo fun! :-)

shaz said...

muppy - thank you :)

Lorraine - you cannot imagine how excited I am. It's a bit ridiculous,actually.

Anonymous - thank you for your kind words. Erm, I often wonder when I get nice anonymous comments, are you related to me?;P

cikmanggis - terima kasih. Tak percayalah CM tangan kayu :) Kalau boleh buat roti, mesti boleh uli fondant.

Hungry Dog - yes please. Have fun on your trip!

Beth - than you. Actually it's not really a joke, it's more about where the lady is going to work and her colleagues have just been ribbing her about needing to wear a wimple.

Malay-Kadazan girl - do you know if oyur mushrooms are edible?

Barbara - oh thank you so much, you're always so kind.

Lisa - thank you! I'll collect my thoughts (too excited now), and I will get in touch.

Von - I'm terrible, every time I walk around and see a plant, berry, fruit, mushroom etc, my first thought is "Can I eat it?"

Karen - thank you so much.

grace said...

your fondant work is ever so impressive. you do more with goo and a knife than i can do with a pencil and paper!

JT @areyouhungary said...

NYC - looks like you've got your foodie time sorted, how exciting for you Shaz, have a great trip when it rolls around but in the meantime looking forward to more cakes ! I wish people brought in cakes like that to my workplace!

dessert girl said...

Those mushrooms look crazy in that first picture, like a bunch of eyeballs in a science fiction movie! As for NY, don't forget about Baked! It's a little off the beaten path, but you can take the Ikea boat (it's free on the weekends), which will drop you off near the bakery. It's only a short walk from the Ikea store. Have fun!

shaz said...

Thanks again sweeties.

Dessrt Girl - definitely on the list :) Ikea boat?