Malaysian Monday 80: Bubur Gandum

Monday, August 29, 2011

Hellloooo everybody! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, spring is around the corner, yee haa! I am finding it very, very hard to sit still and write this post. My brain is outside in the warm weather, it wants me to go dig my toes in the sand.

So do excuse me if this gets truncated or I start to ramble off in all directions. I honestly had the best intentions to be prepared and do something special for this Malaysian Monday. Why? It’s the end of Ramadhan and some of my friends will be celebrating Hari Raya Aidilfitri / Eid-ul-Fitr. Also, this Wednesday is Hari Merdeka , or Independence Day in Malaysia.

Unfortunately the best I can do is to offer you my best wishes and a bowlful of this bubur gandum (wheat porridge).

This porridge/ sweet is another comfort food from my childhood, and one I had not thought about, nor eaten for a long time. But Tina helped remind me of it when she left a comment on my black rice pudding post.

Like the black rice pudding, this sweet is extremely simple to prepare, it just involves boiling. But you must, must, must soak the wheat grains beforehand. I didn’t and it took over 3 hours for the grains to cook and soften. A very boring wait.

But I won’t bore you any longer, because I’m off. Enjoy your week, and remember, my friend Suresh over at 3 Hungry Tummies will be hosting the next Muhibbah Malaysian Monday round-up, so do send your entries to him: sureshchong(at)yahoo(dot)com. Plus, Babe In The City - KL is hosting a Merdeka Open House,  check her blog out when she posts that round-up.

Here’s how I made the porridge, just treat it as a suggestion rather than a recipe and go from there.

Bubur Gandum (Wheat Porridge)

about 1 cup whole wheat grains, soaked overnight
at least 4 to 5 cups water
about 1/4 cup gula melaka (dark palm sugar)
caster sugar to taste
coconut milk to taste (add a pinch of salt to the coconut milk)

Place the wheat and water in a large saucepan and boil until the wheat grains soften and open up. Top up the water as necessary. Might also need to skim any scum that rises to the surface. Add the sugar and boil for ten minutes longer. You can use just gula melaka or add caster sugar to make it sweeter.

Serve warm or at room temperature with coconut milk on the side. Some cooks add the coconut milk in and boil it all at the same time. I prefer to add the coconut milk just before eating so I can control how much I put in.


Beth said...

When you wrote about hearing the birds sing, it reminded me that you're heading into spring. Lucky you!

Fiona said...

This looks interesting! How often would you eat it as a kid (like, was it a sweet breakfast treat or an everyday breakfast)?

Karen said...

Hi Shaz, happy Merdeka Day! Given my obsession with Asian rice puddings, I must try this one with wheat. It sounds delicious. Have a fun week and enjoy the spring weather! :-)

Torviewtoronto said...

yummy looking porridge Eid mubarak

Kitchen Butterfly said...

I love wheatberries - haven't had them in ages and this looks like a wonderful way to get wholegrains in ones belly. Happy Spring!

Juliana said...

Oh! Spring is arriving at your side of the our Summer start to fade the porridge, creamy and sweet.
Hope you are having a fantastic week and enjoy the birds Shaz :-)

grace said...

i spy the heart you've made with your coconut milk--nice touch! :)

shaz said...

Fiona - we'd eat it for breakfast maybe once every couple of weeks. But it also made a good moring tea / afternoon tea snack.

Karen - hope you do, would like to know if you like it.

Torviewtoronto- thank you

Kitchen Butterfly - didn't know these were called wheatberries, thanks for telling me.

Juliana - thank you and happy fall

grace - sharp eyed you are.