Two for one: Povitica and Pumpkins.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Yes, step right up folks for the Test with Skewer 2 for 1 special! First we have a lovely, swirly bread, then something a little more decorative.

The Daring Baker’s October 2011 challenge was Povitica, hosted by Jenni of The Gingered Whisk. Povitica is a traditional Eastern European Dessert Bread that is as lovely to look at as it is to eat!

According to Jenni, “Povitica (pronounced po-va-teet-sa) is ... traditionally served during the holiday season.  It is also known as Nutroll, Potica, Kalachi, Strudia, just to name a few.”

The bread was indeed lovely to behold and very tasty too. I made two loaves (using the halved recipe measurements). One loaf with nutella, peanut butter and grated dark chocolate, the other loaf with the nut filling in the challenge recipe except I used a mix of brazil nuts, almonds and cashews as I couldn’t find any walnuts in the pantry. As mentioned, I thought it was very tasty, especially the nutty version, but my  fussy spoilt family members weren’t all that taken with it. (insert huge eye roll here).

(The nutty swirls weren't as prominent as the nutella swirls)

Luckily though, those same family members were very impressed with item number 2. I mentioned pumpkins in the title right? Well, here they are, sugarpaste pumpkins to adorn a Halloween themed birthday cake.

The birthday girl gave me very clear instructions for this cake - it had to be purple and have a witch, a cat and a pumpkin on it. Do you think I got it right?

If you’re celebrating Halloween, have fun and may you get lots of treats instead of tricks :).

And if you would like to see some other versions of Povitica, do check out what my fellow Daring Bakers have made.

Thank you and good bye :) And no, you don’t get a set of steak knives with that.


Renata said...

Hey! Gorgeous Poviticas, love your nut mix including Brazil nuts (one of my favorites) Can't wait to get back to Brazil to use our native ingredients :) The Halloween cake is adorable, very very cute!

Lora said...

I love the Nutella version. Your Halloween cake is adorable. I love the positioning of the witch on the side.

pierre said...

happy halloween (this is not very common here in France !!) Pierre

Hungry Dog said...

What an amazing cake (as always!)Love that purple frosting. Happy Halloween , Shaz!

Beth said...

What a darling cake! I just love it. And I can relate to the fussy appetites of family members....

3 hungry tummies said...

Hehe how cute! Not normally a sweet person but would have one with my coffee right now :) U been well my friend?

Juliana said...

So interesting that you made Povitica...I never heard of it until earlier today in another post :-)
Yours look pretty and light.
Hope you have a wonderful week and the cake looks awesome Shaz :-)

Vanille said...

Big smile reading the part with the 'huge eye roll' ;)
They do a very similar bread in Hungary too. (wal)nut version and poppy seed alike. Like you, I do like it !
The birthday cake is skillfully made Shaz !
Have a great week !

shaz said...

Renata - thank you! I love Brazil nuts but they don't keep very well in the heat huh?

Lora - thank you :) The kids surprisingly didn't like the Nutella version, apparently peanut butter and nutella don't work together. (I think they do!)

pierre - it's not that common in Australia too. But this little girl's birthday was close to Halloween so they had a themed party.

Hungry Dog - too kind dear.

Beth - family appetites can be pretty frustrating yes?

3 hungry tummies - been well my friend, just a little busy.

Juliana - I had never heard of it before either.

Vanille - thank you :) I would love to try a walnut and poppyseed version, sounds delicious.

Lisa said...

I love the mix of nuts, and now I wish I made a cashew povitica! I wonder if your filling was looser due to the mix of nuts? Definitely more oils in cashews and almonds, but not sure about Brazils? Regardless, they both look the mix of nutella with my obsession, peanut butter! Also, that cake is stunning, the ultimate B-Day Halloween cake! Happy belated Birthday to her! You're so talented :)

Jenni said...

Beautiful job on your povitica! It turned out very nicely! And your pumpkin is SO CUTE! I love that you put a candle in it!!

grace said...

oooh, nutella in the povitica is a brilliant move!