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Monday, November 14, 2011

This isn’t the post you’re looking for (*waves hand like Jedi master*)

Happy Monday everyone! Sorry if you’ve come looking for a Malaysian Monday post, there isn’t one - yet. As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve been a bit distant over the last week, for a few reasons. Mr. Kitchen Hand was away travelling and I was left holding down the fort on my own. I was also busy organising and baking for MC Junior’s birthday celebrations. We held a party for her on the weekend.

So, I do hope you’ll excuse the lack of Malaysian flavours, and accept some food from a far away galaxy instead. She chose a Star Wars theme for her party, but for the sake of her friends with non movie-tragic parents we changed it to a “space” theme instead. The guests made an effort to dress up either in space inspired outfits or royal attire. I loved how everyone got into the spirit and some of the creative costumes that resulted. Let’s just say a lot of aluminium foil and sparkly materials were utilised :). Enjoy the photos and I’ll try to get back to regular posting soon. 

If you saw Darth and a pint sized Leia wandering around your neighbourhood on Sunday, it was just Mr. Kitchen Hand and MC Junior off to get me a coffee :)

MC Senior is dressed as the young Queen Amidala disguised as a handmaiden. MC Junior is wearing a hand-me-down outfit I made for MC Senior. It's basically cut down from a bathrobe I bought at the second hand store. MC Senior wore it forward facing, but then I stumbled upon this awesome clip on how to make perfect Leia hair , and realised if you wear the bathrobe backwards, it looks even better! 

Leia in cupcake form. The MC's really wanted to help, so I let them roll and stick on the "buns" and they drew on faces with edible food colouring pens.

Making Leia "hair" 

I started this off for them by covering each cupcake with some ganache, then a circle of light pink icing, and a "fringe" cut using a circle shaped cookie cutter.

Speaking of cookies...

Of course the Star Wars cookie cutters had to make an appearance right? I didn't want to bother icing them, so I just made the Storm Troopers and Yoda. I added some food colouring to the Yoda cookie dough batch. Too easy.

Labels inspired by a T-shirt we saw one day. 

At most Aussie kids parties, you'll find fairy bread. Here's our version :)

Another Aussie kid snack staple - vegemite on cruskits (sort of airy crackers). I added some cut out cheese men to represent Han Solo.

Great idea I found on Just Jenn Recipes. Edamame/ Soybeans for a healthy party snack.

It's all in a name - just some fancy ways of saying jelly (jello) and melon balls.

More fancy labels :)

And of course, there's cake! A death star, and an ewok (plus a plate of the Leia cupcakes). There are little spacecraft coming off the Death Star. These craft...

The Ewok was carved from 2 square cakes, 1 rounded cake and 1 cupcake stacked on top of each other. I covered the whole lot in ganache, then piped a mix of simple butter icing mixed with varying parts of ganache in it to look like fur. The hood and features were modelled out of fondant, and the spear was a bamboo skewer painted with food colouring.

Then Luke Skywalker showed up! If you live in Sydney and need a superhero, you can find him at Superhero Central. (He's pretty amazing).

Thanks for having a look :)

I’m still your host for the November Muhibbah Malaysian Monday round-up (to be posted on the first Monday of December), so please send in all your entries to : its(dot)sharon(at)gmail(dot)com. And if you haven’t seen it yet, do check out the delectable dishes from the last round-up over at 3 Hungry Tummies.

Have a great start to the week, and May the Force be with You.


Lora said...

I don't what what is cuter, all that terrific food you made or your little ones. Adorable! The cupcakes killed me.

Cheah said...

Those cupcakes look so cute. I'm sure the kids enjoyed the b'day party with all the goodies!

Charmaine said...

Love the storm trooper and yoda cookies. What a great idea to add colouring. You're fantastic Shaz.

Janine said...

junior really does look like princess leia :) and now I know why you haven't been posting as usual - you have been very very busy! how i wish I were a kid and had a star wars party too!

Vanille said...

Too cute ! The girls as much as the (cup)cakes ;)
Looks like a very fun birthday !

Hungry Dog said...

Um, is it weird that I'm jealous of a little kid's party? Because this looks totally awesome! Both kids are so cute but I have to say I am particularly entranced by the bday girl's costume. Didn't all us girls born in the 70s want to be Princess Leia? Nice job on the hair! And the cupcakes...too cute.

Divya Yadava said...

Such an adorable post! Love the Ewok!

May the Force be with you..haha.

Juliana said...

Shaz, thank you for sharing these lovely pictures, I sure enjoyed every one of cute.
Hope you are having a wonderful week and again thank you for this post :-)

Mads said...

This is amazing! You are the funnest mum by far Shaz

shaz said...

Lora - thank you :) The cupcakes were a big hit, none left after the party!

Cheah - they had a great time but boy was I tired out.

Charmaine - awww, thank you. I'd done the colour thing before when I made some green frog cookies so I knew they'd work. Plus I was too lazy to ice a whole batch of cookies!

Janine - never too late to have a Star Wars party ;)

Vanille - thank you :)

Hungry Dog - I know! I totally wanted to be Leia too. As for the hair, my new favourite word is sock bun :)

Divya Yadava - and with you, haha.

Juliana - Glad you like it dear.

Mads - awww, too kind!

grace said...

this is an outstanding display, shaz--i LOVE the ewok! and how did you know i'd been craving yoda ears? :)

Barbara said...

What a fun post, Shaz! I love all the adorable goodies and the kids are too cute for words!
Perfect Leia hair!

Lisa said...

I love your star wars themed cookies and treats, especially the Princess Leia cookies! Beautifully done, but I have to admit - I pass on the vegemite lol Your kids look adorable in their costumes!! Looks like such a fun and yummy time was to ne had! :) BTW, will you be posting your pumpkkin pie? :)

Beth said...

So adorable! Will you organize my party next year?

chowwithchow said...

Shaz - please adopt me. You are the raddest mom.

shaz said...

Thanks for all the sweetness!