Not to be trifled with.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Hands up if you like trifle? Did I just see you pull a face? I’ll admit, the “traditional” trifle of sponge roll, jelly, cream, fruit and custard can be a bit cringe inducing. However, I do admit  having a soft spot for it since we ate it every Christmas.  My lovely aunt (hello Aunty G!) would make a big bowl of it and us kids couldn’t wait to dig into all the layers, especially the brightly coloured jelly (jello).

Now that I’ve grown up and my tastebuds have matured a little bit, I’ve been on the lookout for slightly more sophisticated trifle recipes. Bill Granger has a good Italian version , also known as Zuppa Inglese, that I’ve made a few times to much acclaim (and bowl licking!). I’d cut the recipe out of a newspaper article years ago, but there is a very similar recipe over here. However, this trifle utilises coffee and alcohol, which isn’t too kid-friendly, plus the MC’s have an aversion to custard. (Seriously I am still working out how this has come to pass!).

A few weeks ago, I spotted this Lemon Blueberry trifle recipe in a little pullout cookbook included with my favourite Delicious magazine. The method really intrigued me. The “custard” section is actually lemon juice and sugar, cooked with thickened cream and then set in the fridge. Plus there was lemon curd involved and I loooooove lemon curd. But I must admit I was a bit worried about the enormous amount of dairy involved - would it be too overpowering and cloying?

Since I had friends coming over for dinner, I thought it would be a good time to test the recipe out. (These are very good friends so I have no qualms testing recipes out on them ;) ). Because I wanted the trifle to be a bit special, I made my own lemon curd from scratch. ( This is my favourite recipe). I also made the cake from scratch, using Rose Beranbaum’s Golden Lemon Almond Cake recipe from the Cake Bible.

I put together two little jars minus the alcohol, and layered the rest of the trifle in a big glass bowl, subbing Cointreau for limoncello.

Oh wow! This is an amazing dessert! The tang of lemon definitely cuts through the richness of all that cream. It’s so, SO good. Although I’m not sure if it tasted so sensational thanks to all the home-made components. The golden almond cake is just delish on its own and of course, as mentioned, I love that lemon curd recipe. Anyway, I’ll definitely be making this again, maybe with lime curd instead. And mango. Oh the possibilities.

But Aunty G, if you’re reading this, please don’t stop making your trifle, that’s what memories are made of :)

Have a great weekend friends.


Fiona said...

I definitelt didn't make a face when you mentioned trifle - I LOVE a good trifle. This looks like a highly sophisticated take on a classic!

Janine said...

i'm not fan of trifle, but the way you've described this trifle does sound really enticing. And I like how different it sounds from the norm!

Renata said...

I love trifle, I love lemon, I love homemade. Sounds fantastic indeed!

Heavenly Housewife said...

In all honesty, I could never get myself to like trifle, but I have to say that yours looks incredibly cute in those little containers. I also love the idea of the blueberries, it adds a much needed bit of freshness to what I feel can be a very heavy dessert.
*kisses* HH

Hungry Dog said...

The cake alone sounds divine! but as a complete dessert, irresistible. I like trifle though rarely have it. I think I made it once in high school? Anyway, yours look elegant as always. Love the idea of serving them in little jars!

3 hungry tummies said...

Love it especially ur version with blue berries :)
Love ur little individual serves too!

pierre said...

i love the triffles but impossible to find sponge cakes in France !Pierre

Ameena said...

So I'm not normally a fan of trifles...mostly because people don't know how to make it correctly. But this looks fantastic!

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Not a familiar item for me. But it feel satisfying on trying something new.

shaz said...

Fiona - good girl (for not making a face)

Janine - it is very different but still creamy and decadent.

Renata - yay! You'll definitely like this then.

Heavenly Housewife - I must admit I'm a bit ambivalent about blueberries, especially fresh ones, but they really add a great contrast in this dish, both visually and like you said, that little "pop" of freshness.

Hungry Dog - you're not wrong, the cake is as wonderful as it sounds,and the best part is, I didn't need all of it for the trifle, so there was leftovers :)

3 hungry tummies - thank you, just got inspired by seeing so many other food served in jars out there.

pierre - wow, I never knew that. What about using Genoise?

Ameena - glad you like the sound of it :)

Malay-Kadazan girl - not very common in Malaysia too, right?

grace said...

i love a trifle! not only do they usually taste quite good, but they're the best way in the world to rescue ruined cakes and the like. :)

Lisa said...

Og mmy..I love trifle! Not only because you get so many textures, flavors and layers, but because it's such a great way to use up leftover cake, cookies, etc. I have a beautiful. huge glass trifle bowl I need to use! Love that you served them in mason jars! The blueberries really pop against that luscious lemon curd and lemon almond cake!