Sizzle, sizzle.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ooh la la, who is that sashaying down the table in a frilly skirt? Hot pink and sizzling sweet? Must be Mademoiselle macaron, all set to razzle dazzle!

Yes, it’s time for another Macattack, and this month our charming hosts Deeba and Jamie challenged us to jazz things up. “Let’s start off the New Year with a bang!” they said. “Bright lights, outrageous colors, deck ourselves out to dazzle and welcome 2012 with vibrancy and excitement!...Gaudy, garish, just a little ostentatious… let’s pull out all the stops and create something snazzy, something swanky, something special!”

Well, I certainly hope these Red Hot macarons are special enough to join the party :) Cinnamon flavoured shells sandwich a hot pink filling flavoured with  Red Hot candy. Just the thing to light up jaded tastebuds.

Inspiration for these macs literally fell out of the cupboard.  I was searching for something at the back of the pantry when I found a box of these candies. Mr. Kitchen Hand had brought these back when he travelled to Austin, TX, sometime early last year. A quick check of the expiry date (2013 thankfully) and we were in business! Thanks to a bout of seriously hot weather, some of the candy had melted and stuck together, but it didn’t matter, they were destined to be melted down further.

My experimentation to get flame coloured swirls didn’t quite work out as well as I’d hoped but the resulting macarons were quite pretty anyway.  And the flavour really did taste of Red Hots except not as spicy.  Perhaps the addition of white chocolate dulled the sting. Or maybe melting it down did the trick, but the hot and spicy aftertaste of the candy was no more. Ah well, the MC’s loved them anyway. Mr Kitchen Hand however, declined strenuously, citing irreconcilable differences with Red Hot candy.

I dipped one skewer in red gel colouring and the other in yellow, hoping to get swirls starting from the centre, but they moved to the side instead.

No matter, our New Year has definitely started off on a sweet note, and we hope yours has too.

Speaking of New Year (see how I did that?), I’d like to wish everyone who will be celebrating the lunar new year a very happy and prosperous start to the year of the Dragon!

Aaaaand speaking of lunar new year (did it gain), I know many of you regular Muhibbah Malaysian Monday contributors are busy preparing for the festivities, but if you do get a chance, please join us for the coming round-up, our entry box is looking very dry. If you do whip something up, please send it my way : its(dot)sharon (at)gmail(dot)com, as I will be your host this month. (Thank you 3 Hungry Tummies for keeping the boat afloat!) :)

Enjoy the rest of the week :)

Macaron shells - I used Tartelette’s recipe and added a good pinch of ground cinnamon to the almond meal.

60g Red Hot candies
50 ml pouring cream
100 g white chocolate.

Place everything into a small pan and melt very gently over low heat, stirring continuously. Do not allow to boil! It takes a little while for the candies to melt down. When the mixture is smooth, remove from heat, transfer to a bowl and set aside to cool.

When quite cold, I whipped the mixture with a whisk to aerate a little. (My mix was looking a little gloopy which is why I did this). The mixture will be quite fluid,  I refrigerated my macarons once I filled them.


Kitchen Butterfly said...

What gorgeous macarons - I miss them so much! You did a stellar red hot job - wish I could sink my teeth into a couple. Have a wonderful 2012, full of love and laughter and lots of welcome sparks!

grace said...

i love setting my mouth on fire with red hots--they're one of my favorite candies! this is an inventive and amazing use for them, shaz. your reign as macaron queen continues. :)

Lora said...

I sooo LOVE red hots. One of my favorite childhood candies. These are just great. Mixing up the flavor with white chocolate is just brilliant. Such pretty shells as well!

Hungry Dog said...

Intriguing and lovely as always! I'm with Mr Kitchen Hand on the red hots but I do admire your creativity. And, happy new year to you too, shaz. The year of the Dragon is bound to be a good one!

Fiona Reilly said...

These look so great! In fact, they look just the sort of thing for Year of the Dragon, so Happy New Year Shaz!

shaz said...

Thank you lovelies :)

Jamie said...

I love it! When we came up with the theme making HOT macs never crossed my mind but WOW does that ever dazzle! What a great idea! And I love the streaks on the shells. These must be killer macs and taste amazing! Love having you bake with us!!

Lisa said...

I love red hots, and I love that you made a filling using them for hot pink macarons! Sizzle, indeed!

shaz said...

Thank you Jamie, it's always a pleasure to bake along!

Thanks Lisa!

Deeba PAB said...

I have always loved red hots. Add cinnamon and you can beam me in Shaz! I'm gonna call these Razzle, Dazzle & Shazzle Macs=FUN!!