It’s my party, and it’ll rain if it wants to...

Friday, February 3, 2012

What do you do when you’ve invited a dozen kids to an outdoor beach themed party, and the weather just doesn’t co-operate? If they’re a sporting bunch of 9 year olds, you carry on anyway!

This is exactly what we had to do for MC Senior’s birthday party a couple of weekends ago. Because we’re in temporary digs without a usable outdoor area, we hoped for the best when we sent out the invitations asking everyone to meet at the nearby beach. As the guests started to arrive, the first drops of rain began to fall and by the time everyone had turned up, the heavens opened up and we were soaked to the skin.

Beach bucket cake with  sugar cookie crumb "sand". The rocks and flip flops are built up from cake too.

I madly rushed around grabbing food and anything that needed to be kept dry, while Mr. Kitchen Hand marshalled the girls and started the games we’d planned.  As I trudged back and forth to our apartment with the rescued party fare, I heard shrieks of laughter from the happy bunch. There was SO. MUCH. SQUEALING! Unfortunately, it was too wet to take any photos, but take it from me, relay races are infinitely more fun when it’s wet. The beach bag relay turned out to be the clear favourite of the day. (I got the idea from here. We used adult sized board shorts, flip-flops and a hat. They had to run to a finish line, unfurl a beach towel, dress up with the items from the bag, sit on the towel then repack the beach bag and run back to the team).

After the games were over, the sodden bunch made their way to our apartment, towelled off and hit the party food. I have never seen so many cookies disappear so quickly! Then, to make sure we got enough sugar into them, we took the girls up to the ice-cream bar a few doors away and let them choose their own flavours. And just to round off the sugar high, we pulled out cake and jelly :) (In my defense, there were cheese sandwiches and some fruit on offer too, so the major food groups were covered ok?).

Beach ball cookies

Sea shell shaped meringues


Since it was a beachy/ tropical theme, I thought these ham, pineapple and cheese skewers would be fun. Great idea in theory but 9 year old girls just think it's a bit weird. Ah well, I tried. 

By this stage, we didn’t care a hoot about how wet it was, so we handed round water squirters and set them loose just outside the front door. Of course, as these things go, this is when the parents started to arrive for pick-up, and the kids took great delight in trying to soak mum or dad (or brothers).

Lolly boxes. I filled these with a few treats including bags of sea glass candy. The pattern for these great boxes can be found here


 Obsessive? Moi?

So, if you’re planning a party this weekend, don’t let the weather get you down. It might just turn into one of the most chaotic yet memorable parties you’ve ever had!

Have a great weekend :)


Lora said...

What a fabulous cake! I love all the detail. Those seashell meringues are so cute and LOVE the flip flop boxes. This is one birthday your little girl will always treasure I'm sure.

Beth said...

You throw the best parties! I love everything about it, including the fact that you just went with the flow when it started to rain. She'll never forget that party!

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Love the beach birthday party theme. What a gorgeous cake! I like everything I saw! You are an amazing parent.

Charmaine said...

My favourite are the lolly bags. So cute and creative. You're totally awesome.

Sara - Belly Rumbles said...

That is an awesome cake, absolutely gorgeous.

Kitchen Butterfly said...

What a GREAT party - i love all the beach designs, they are so sweet and colourful. Oh, us to go all the way. I am so inspired. Where are you though? Are you moving???? I seems to have lost 'it' somewhere with your updates. Have a good weekend.

Hungry Dog said...

Wonderful that you didn't let the weather get you down--sounds like everyone had a fabulous time! I think all the food (both sweet and savory--I'm on board with ham and pineapple!) look delightful. Happy birthday to your little one!

pierre said...

very nice cake Bravo !!Pierre

shaz said...

Lora - thanks so much. I actually overbrowned the meringues a bit, but the kids didn't really notice!

Beth - thank you. She couldn't stop talking about how fun it was in the rain.

Malay-Kadazan girl - thank you. And you know what, you are a truly amazing parent to Ilhan And Rayyan too.

Charmaine - don't know about totally ;) Thank you!

Sara - thanks so much.

Kitchen Butterfly - we moved out of our place to facilitate remedial works. Kind of in a bit of limbo at the moment. Will let you know what happens soon.

Hungry Dog - I had a feeling you'd be a ham and pineapple kind of gal :)

pierre - thank!

grace said...

this is an AWESOME theme for a party, rainy day or not, kids or adults! lovely, shaz, and so impressively clever!