Aaand, we’re back in the room. With pictures.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


You might remember me...I used to blog here.

Thank you for your patience. The last of the assignments have been handed in and life around here is slowly getting back to normal. Or as normal as can be with two exams looming but let’s not talk about that just yet ;)

What I would like to talk about is Cobb Salad.

 Not so traditional Cobb

Yes, really.

You see, I’d never met a proper Cobb Salad before, but when I was searching for something light, easy to make and nutritious for dinner, I landed here at Smitten Kitchen. It was love at first sight.

Of course, my salad didn’t end up looking much like hers because I tweaked the ingredients a little. (Are we surprised?). I added some cooked corn kernels,  swapped cheddar for blue cheese to cater for the MC’s who don’t do mould, nixed the chives, watercress and iceberg because I didn’t have any and didn’t bother peeling the tomatoes.

I was similarly laid back about the dressing - can’t remember what I used but I know it included Worcestershire sauce, Dijon mustard, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar and olive oil, mainly because it was what I had in the cupboard. I meant no disrespect to the recipe, I just cook fast and loose especially when dinner time is imminent.

To my intense astonishment MC Junior ate the salad without complaining. She did leave a few bits of “green stuff” behind but I wasn’t going to argue!

Speaking of green are some photos of the landscaping around our new apartment block in Singapore (heh, looks like I haven’t lost my knack for segues >p).

That's MC Senior mucking about with a giant chess set in the background.

Does anything look familiar?

The landscaper has thrown in edible herbs and medicinal plants amongst the ornamentals. There’s basil, lemongrass and pandan (screwpine). I’ve also spotted mint and mengkudu ( Morinda citrifolia).  And just in case you’re wondering, no I haven’t helped myself to any of these because I’m not sure if they’ve been sprayed with pesticides.

And speaking of pests...oh ok, that was a bad one. Alright, these are not pests but don’t they look like some sort of giant cocoon? Any one want to hazard a guess as to what they are?


 If you said  “Dragon’s Beard Candy”, go to the top of the class. I found these little morsels at the shopping centre across the road.

Speaking of “across the road”...ok, ok, ok, I’ll give it a rest!

Seriously though, we’ve been spending the last week and a half getting used to our “new” surroundings at this “new apartment” (for latecomers, we have just moved from Sydney to Singapore, and spent a month in a serviced apartment in the city). We’ve already celebrated one birthday here (Mr. Kitchen Hand’s) and we think we’re really going to dig this place.

Birthday crepes. We splurged on imported strawberries. Oh wait! Everything is imported here...

So thanks for listening to me ramble, have a great week and I’ll be back soon with more tales.


Lora said...

Welcome back! The garden is wonderful - rife with so many intriguing plants. Love the dragon's beard candy. I am a cobb salad convert from my years living in Los Angeles. Yummy!

My Little Space said...

Hi Shaz, glad you're back in action again. Looking forward to more from your new kitchen.
Hope you're having a great day, dear.

Hungry Dog said...

Welcome back! We've missed you! I've made Smitten Kitchen's cobb salad before and thought it was delightful. I had a cobb salad yesterday too...the bacon and avocado are always my favorite parts. Happy bday to Mr. KH!

Janine said...

great to see that you're enjoying singapore! i'm sorry i haven't been able to fulfil my promise of meeting you for tea someday because of work but i hope to sometime soon!

Beth said...

I love Cobb salad, and your tweaks look great. I'm glad to hear you're settling into your new home!

Shannon @ JustAsDelish said...

I've seen a few condos in KL have their own herb garden, for the people staying there to share. i think that's such a community idea.
Welcome back and I can't wait to participate in this month's MMM

grace said...

don't tell the smitten kitchen, but i prefer your version of cobb salad, for sure! hope the mister had a great birthday. :)

The Real Mother Hen said...

Cool!!! Ohhh you will have easy access to all the great food in Singapore and Malaysia now :)

Enjoy your life in Singapore. It will be all fun :)

Lisa said...

It's so great to have you back, shaz! Cobb salad is my all time favorite salad..I eat it at least once a week! I love your twist on it with the corn!

Congrats on your move! What a change, from Sydney to Singapore, but it looks lovely! I'm with NOT touch those herbs until you're sure they are pesticide free! Oh, and a belated Happy Birthday to Mr. Kitchen Hands!

Finally..thanks so much for your kind thoughts xo

Barbara said...

Glad you're back posting and I loved your ramble! :)
Also am crazy for that Cobb Salad!

Juliana said...

Oh Shaz, so nice to read your post...enjoy the herb garden and got very grossed with the cocoon picture until I realized that is was not ;-)
Like "hearing" about your new life...have a wonderful week ahead my dear!

Ozoz said...

Dear Shaz, I hope all's going well and you're having fun - there will be so many discoveries, wonderful ones and more. I'm glad you're settling in. Take care

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

I won't be touching perfect looking greens either, don't know how it stays like that ;-). Hope your children get used to Singapore now?

Vanille said...

Good to read you again and see that you're enjoying your new place ! Never heard of dragon's beard candy before. Something tell me you'll make me discover a lot more soon ;)

shaz said...

Thanks for the comments everyone. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you all. It's exam week, ack!