Malaysian Monday Round - Up 21: June 2012

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hello all!

Welcome to the month of June and another fantastic round-up of Malaysian food. As always, Suresh from 3 Hungry Tummies and I owe a huge debt of thanks to everyone who participated in this round of Muhibbah Malaysian Monday, your support makes this all worthwhile.

As you can probably guess, it’s been a crazybusy time for both of us, and our posting has been a bit erratic. Luckily, for the next round-up (in July), someone has stepped in offering to help. Who is it? I’ll tell you more at the end of the post !

Let’s get to it then :)

First up, is Vivian from Vivian Pang kitchen. I owe this lady an apology as I’d accidentally left out her last two contributions. They’ve been included here, which brings her tally up to 5 for this round-up. Very impressive. Thank you Vivian!

 First, marvel at the fact that this lady made her own   wonton wrappers. Yup, from scratch!

 (non-halal) Then, she made more wrappers and used these to make dumplings. Brilliant effort!

If sweets are more your thing, try these pretty Moho kuih. Actually I had no idea what a Moho kuih was, but Vivian explains it on her blog (it’s is a type of steamed bun).

(non-halal) Another awesome looking steamed bun come in the shape of these “smiling” pork buns. The “smile” refers to the opened tops of the buns.

(non-halal) For a different take on pork, have a look at the Japanese style crispy pork. Looks intensely moreish.

Next up, we have Lena of Frozen Wings, who gives us an Indian style fish curry.  It looks so mouth wateringly good, I feel like rushing out and gathering ingredients immediately!

(non-halal) Another mouth watering offering comes from Cheah from No-Frills Recipes who gives us these   BBQ spare ribs. The classic “singed” bits just perfect for sinking the teeth into.

 And for something really unique,  check out the  steamed rice cake. Sure, you’ve heard of rice cakes before, but what about rice cakes with palm sugar and garlic sauce eh? Go have a look :)

(non-halal) Let’s welcome back Sherie from Mameemoomoo to the Malaysian Monday fold. She made  Char Siew (roast pork) using a very interesting sounding pan called the Happy Call. Please tell us more Sherie!

Ooops! And here we have a belated entry by Kristy of My Little Space
with a very beautiful looking kuih that tastes like dodol! (Dodol is a sticky delicacy made from coconut milk). If you want the flavour of dodol without the effort of long stirring, do check out her post.

And right at the end, we have Shannon from Just as Delish, who joins us with Malaysian Kerabu Beehoon. I saved this entry for last because ...drumroll please...Shannon will be your host for (oops, edit. I mistakenly wrote July when I meant) June!!

Yay! So please support Shannon and send all your entries to her at this address: shannoncclim(at)gmail(dot)com.

Hope you enjoyed this round-up even though it was a teeny bit late, and if I have accidentally left anyone out, please email me ASAP! You know it is never intentional.

Thanks and see you soon :)


ICook4Fun said...

I actually have two dishes for last month but I totally forgotten to submit it to you :(

shaz said...

Don't be sad ICook4Fun - just email me and I'll add you in :)

Juliana said...

Nice round-up Shaz...homemade wonton wraps? Amazing!
Thanks for the round-up and have a great week :)

Barbara said...

Always love your round-ups, Shaz. And we know you're busy...don't worry about it. :)
Like the looks of the crispy pork and I saw Kristy's recipe when she posted it....yum!

Beth said...

Everything looks great - especially that roast pork!

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Shannon is very kind to give you a helping hand during this busy year for you.
Take Care.

Cheah said...

Thanks, Shaz for the fabulous round-up. Have noted to send any July entries to

chowwithchow said...

Everything looks so fantastic -- definitely going to try the homemade wonton wrappers. I'm so hungry now...