An Arty-Party

Sunday, June 2, 2013

(Day 2 of the blogging blitz. If you’ve just joined us, I’m on a mission to get that ole blogging mojo back by attempting to post daily for 30 days).

Trawling through the backlog of photos, I found some from MC Senior’s 10th birthday (double digits, eek!!) in January. She chose an arty themed birthday celebration after seeing a photo of this cake. Oh dear, high expectations much?

Mr. Kitchen Hand got in on the act, as usual

So, we sent out invitations with a photoshopped image of  The Scream’s main character wearing a red and white party hat. The invitation said : “Hold on to your hat! MC Senior will be turning 10 on...etc, party details”.

I continued the red and white hat theme with the party decor, and as luck would have it, we found red and white polka dot cups and serviettes on sale! (Gotta love a good bargain).

Entertaining the tween set proved to be quite simple. We set up two crafting stations; they decorated their own fabric tote bags at one, and made paper sunflowers at the other. The sunflowers are a modified version of those Martha Stewart pom-poms. I added a smaller folded bit of brown tissue paper within the larger yellow sheet, and we only opened the paper folds in one direction.

Then everyone played a game of nail polish roulette inspired by a post over at The Frugal Girls. I made two “spinners”, one with instructions on how many toes to paint, and the other with the colours to use. The first girl to paint all their toes won a prize. All I can say is I’m glad I remembered to put a plastic drop-sheet down first! Then we divided the girls up into pairs and had them do a series of sketches of each other.

Food wise, I kept things really simple, there was a range of veges, fruit (“mixed media”) and spread (“primers”), along with rice crackers and bread (“blank canvasses”). It was up to the girls to create their own masterpieces.

 Mini-easel made by hot-gluing 3 bamboo skewers and a paddle pop stick together.

The most popular edible item though, turned out to be the “colour-mixing” ice-cubes (made with food colouring and water). The kids loved how the melting cubes changed colours in their clear drinks. For dessert, there were Pollock inspired sugar cookies and of course, the cake!

Cake inspired by Koons, Kandinsky, Lichtenstein and Dali

While they ate, we set-up a mobile photo studio with props (fake moustaches, giant crayons etc). I later developed the photos as thank-yous.

As far as parties go, this was probably one of the most low-key we’ve had. Maybe I can convince MC Senior to let me outsource the next one?

Who am I kidding :)

Rainbow marble cake inside (of course)


grace said...

oh, how i've missed you, shaz! what a fun and colorful post. :)

shaz said...

Hello Grace!! Oh how I've missed blog hopping too. Going to visit real soon :)