Blitzing the blog. Day 1

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Hello, hi, how are you?

Hoo boy, how long has it been?

If this blog was a sandwich, we’d be at the penicillin stage by now! Time to lavish a little TLC on this derelict piece of web real estate.

The neglect has been a result of many things. As I’d mentioned before, part of it was due to our move to a new country and all the inherent rearrangements (physical, emotional, mental) that came with it. Part of it was due to quite an intense study workload (I’m training to become a primary school teacher).

Then there have been the fun distractions, like hanging out with visitors (my family is now across the border instead of an ocean away), and travel! We’ve been taking advantage of budget airfares and the fact that we’re now much closer to many destinations in South East Asia. Anyone who has flown out of Sydney knows that the first four hours of travel time is taken up by travelling across your home continent. Now that we’re in Singapore, we can get to many places in half that time.

Anyway, the poor blog has been sputtering along, so to whip it back into shape, I’m having a 30 day blogging blitz. I’ve decided to emulate Matt Cutts  and use the next thirty days to try and get that blogging mojo back. It might be a bit tricky since we’ve got some visitors heading this way (this time from an ocean away), and a couple of trips planned. But no one said this was going to be easy!

Will I make it? Join me and we’ll find out :)


(Here’s a sneak peek of some of the places we’ve been, you’ll hear more about them soon. I hope)


Marcellina In Cucina said...

Shaz! It has been a long time! Looking forward to reading about your travels!

makcikmanggis said...

welcome back Shaz..rindu la kat Shaz and also rindu kat 3 hungry Tummies.Where is he now?

Sally - My Custard Pie said...

Good luck in your new home. I like the idea of your challenge - not sure I could hack it myself. Will read with interest.

shaz said...

Hi Marcellina! So good to hear from you too :)

CM - Si Hungry Tummies kerja kat restoran sekarang. Agaknya dia sibuk sangat, dah tak sempat update blog dia.

Sally - thank you so much. I'm not sure if I've bitten off more than I can chew!