Lazy soup

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

(Day 11  of the blogging blitz. If you’ve just joined us, I’m on a mission to get that ol’ blogging mojo back by attempting to post daily for 30 days.)

Hey folks.

Today, I almost dropped the ball.

We’ve just got back from a quick trip away, and the last thing I felt like doing was to write a post. My eyelids kept slipping shut as I sat on the couch eating takeaway pizza (oh the shame!). After my valiant effort of putting together two scheduled posts to cover our time away, the blog pantry was empty. I had nothing prepared earlier. The blog blitz would have to just have a “gap” day.

About to admit defeat and head off to bed, I decided to take a look through the camera roll on my phone, just in case.

Ah yes! Here’s a soup I have been meaning to blog about for ages.

 Mexican chicken soup with nachos (not as odd as it sounds)

I just hadn’t gotten around to it because there isn’t a “proper” photo of this soup (just this quick iPhone snap). This is the kind of  “throw-together” and eat meal that we prepare when we’re 1) ravenous, 2) too lazy or tired to cook or 3) just don’t care . It’s really easy, and almost all the ingredients are things you’d find in the pantry or freezer anyway.

So easy that even the recipe is pre-prepared on the internet! It’s a recipe by Jill Dupleix and can be found here. As Jill mentions in the recipe, this is not a terribly authentic recipe. Not by a long shot. But when it’s this simple to put together and so fun to eat, I don’t really care. I love this recipe even more because it’s become Mr. Kitchen Hand’s “dish”. How can I complain when even the “throwing together” part can be outsourced?

Plus, it’s the kind of soup that is actually light enough to eat in the sweltering tropics but still hearty enough to pass for dinner.

On that note, I’m off to pass out. See you tomorrow :)


Hungry Dog said...

I'll eat anything that contains avocado. Is this a bit like tortilla soup?

shaz said...

Hi HD,

Yes, it's a lot like tortilla soup. But with chicken :)