Pretty little blossom

Sunday, June 16, 2013

(Day 16  of the blogging blitz. If you’ve just joined us, I’m on a mission to get that ol’ blogging mojo back by attempting to post daily for 30 days.)

Hello dearies,

Pull up a chair and have a slice of cake. Nothing too fancy, just a simple pound cake, but decorated and flavoured with pretty pink cherry blossom petals.

When we were in Japan, I picked up these cherry blossoms preserved in salt. They’re meant to be made into a tea but I thought they were too gorgeous just to drink.

(The flowers are preserved in plum wine vinegar and salt. They need to be rinsed first to get rid of the excess salt)

However, the flavour is so delicate that the blossoms I put into the cake had hardly any effect, and the blossoms on the icing have the merest hint of flavour. Although we’d eaten quite a few cherry blossom flavoured items in Japan, I think it is either the leaves or synthetic essence that is used to impart that stronger flavour.


What exactly does cherry blossom taste like? The best I can describe is “the smell of cherries”. Not exactly sweet smelling, especially since these have been preserved, but more like the smell from a jar of morello cherries. 

Anyway, even though they didn’t taste very strong, at least we feasted with our eyes. Hope you did too :)


The pound cake recipe is from The Cake Bible. I made the Perfect Pound Cake because I know the recipe off by heart and can whip it up in no time flat. To add flavour to the cake, I rinsed and soaked a teaspoon of flowers in cold water, then tore the petals and chopped the stems finely and added these to the milk used in the recipe. For the icing, it's just a simple glace icing made with 6oz icing sugar, a teaspoon of butter and a few tablespoonfuls of water. Add just enough water to form a thick paste. I rinsed and soaked the flowers in one change of cold water, then soaked the flowers in about 4 tablespoonfuls of fresh water. I then used this soaking water for the icing.

And before I go, Happy Father’s Day for all you Daddy’s out there. Except the Australian daddies. You guys have to wait till September.



Lisa said...

First off, thank you so much for your sentiments regarding my wrist. I'm truly a klutz! secondly, I've always been a staunch 'anti-flowers' in food, person. I always taste the perfume! BUT, the way you described the preserved cherry blossoms makes me want to taste badly! Plus, such a gorgeous color and they look so pretty on the cake! I'm going to look for them this week :0 Hope you had a wonderful Father's Day! xo

dessert girl said...

So pretty! It's such an easy way to upgrade a simple pound cake. Very nice!