The Art of Procrastination

Thursday, June 6, 2013

(Day 6  of the blogging blitz. If you’ve just joined us, I’m on a mission to get that ol’ blogging mojo back by attempting to post daily for 30 days).

So, Mr. Kitchen Hand was away for 3 weeks and  I had 2 major assignments due. What did I do?

Organised the girls room of course.

It's funny how impending deadlines always seem to focus my attention on areas of our home that Need Urgent Cleaning. Now.

 Tulle pom-poms. I basically layered 4 to 6 rectangular pieces of tulle together, then accordion folded the lot and stitched it in the middle. A bit like making a tissue pom pom.  But if you want a fuller pom-pom, I found a great tutorial here at Chintzy Couture. I was running out of steam by this stage so I kept it simple.

 Pom-poms hung with fishing line from the ceiling. The girls loved this finishing touch.

Never mind the fact that their room had been in a rather, er, messy state for almost a year. Or that a few more weeks wouldn't have made a difference.

I HATE soft toys. They breed, collect dust and serve no discernible purpose. BUT the kids keep being given them, even from Mr. Kitchen Hand when he comes back from his trips abroad (he knows how I feel about them, grrr..). And of course, the MC's are in love with them. So, to keep them all in one place at the foot of their bed, I used an old pillow case, cut out a "window" in the middle and stitched it with netting type material. Then I put a zipper along the mouth of the pillow case. I told the MC's they could only keep what the pillow case could hold. There were some tears. I stood firm...
Actually, it was just an excuse to do something a bit creative. I was pretty sick of typing up assignments by that stage.

So I pulled out the sewing machine, got the kids involved in fabric hunting and colour scheme planning, and we ended up with a very pretty solution.

The MC's picked an aqua, pink and dark chocolate colour scheme. Here are some bedside caddies for their bits, mostly half-read books. It's a simplified version of a caddy I found at Curbly.


 For all their headbands, of which they have too many ( they keep collecting these from goodness knows where), I made a simple ribbon hanger. I found good instructions at Couturier Mommy.


I even organised their study/craft area.

 Believe me, this IS organised. You should have seen the state of it before!


 I recycled old yoghurt tubs and honey containers.

Old shoe box covered in paper. The MC's collection of coloured paper and bits of card are divided by colour, with DIY dividers in between.

And you know what? It actually helped. My mind was clearer, and I felt calmer upon seeing the order emerging from the chaos.

Happily, the girls have managed to keep their room in a relatively tidy state since.

The rest of the apartment is another matter. Maybe another deadline is needed? 

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Charmaine said...

Good idea using the pillowcase that way to keep the toys in view but dust-free.