Season’s Greetings (and a super quick Christmas card idea)

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Just like that a new year is almost upon us.

I had such high hopes of upping the blog content this year but that just wasn’t going to happen. Most of my time went on managing the family or finishing assignments and studying. Admittedly we did also travel a bit, and Mr. Kitchen Hand spent some time recuperating from surgery (minor, elective, no biggie, he’s well now).  So, I have utmost respect for those of you who manage to combine study, family and work! How on earth you organise that I’m not sure, but kudos to you. Champions.

As the year wound down, there was the usual burst of activity involving the kids. There were concerts, ceremonies and class parties to attend.  And of course food to make and take. This year, I took the easy route and just did pretty arranging inspired by Pinterest. However, I can definitely tell you that no matter how beautifully you present vegetables, most kids are NOT going to eat it. At least it looked good!

Amidst all the comings and goings, I forgot to organise Christmas goodies for MC Junior’s class. Ok, I lie. I didn’t forget, I was actually waiting to see if we could get away with not doing anything this year. However, MC Junior kept coming home with lots of little treats from her friends and she wanted to return the goodwill.

Late one evening, armed with a stack of green office paper, MC Junior and I set to work. I did the folding and cutting while MC Junior helped with the writing and decorating. Voila, a little forest of Christmas trees with minimal effort.

First make a square from your sheet of A4 paper. The easiest way to do this is to fold one corner all the way down to the opposite side, then cut the excess off

Fold the square corner to corner to crease, then cut to get two identical triangles.

Fold the triangles in half and cut again so you get 4 triangles

 Take one triangle and fold the sides into the middle (see pic). You can stack up a few sheets to save time

Fold the overhanging bits up (see pic) and cut them off so you are left with a triangle tree shape with flaps.

Get your kid to decorate the front of the tree, then open the flap, tape a candy cane inside and you're all done.

(Luckily, MC Senior took it upon herself to organise treats for her classmates this year. She baked, decorated, packaged and distributed gingerbread very independently and efficiently).

I’ll leave you with a happy snap of the MCs. Have a safe and happy holiday season and see you in the new year.